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Professional Academic Writers: Where to Hire Online?

It is a wise choice to hire a professional academic writer, especially when you feel snowed under assignments. However, before hiring one, you need to find them. Make use of our tips on how to find the most suitable academic writer to have your essay written online.

Use Recommendations but Carefully

This path is the simplest. You have a friend who knows a good writer, he or she shares contacts with you and you address this writer privately. There are pros and cons. Pros are evident — recommendations are a rather reliable source in case you want to make a decision regarding a writer or a service. However, what is good for one person can be much less suitable for another. More of it, even if some writer was a good choice a year ago, it doesn’t matter he still works as good as then. So there are risks. There are also online recommendations, but now they can hardly be fully trusted as services buy feedbacks and also pay for black PR against competitors. Of course, it is not fair to clients, but who cares. So, use recommendations but be careful and don’t switch off critical thinking.

Look for Boutique Agencies

Huge writing services become redundant. They need to maintain a big team, they are more expensive and often have to hire average writers to deal with the flow of orders. They don’t care about each particular writer and each particular client. It doesn’t mean they are bad, it only means you have better options to choose from. Focus on average-sized services at affordable prices. They care about clients, and they hire good writers. More of it, they have time to invest in the development of those writers, and they truly do it. What is more important is that they have more time to pay attention to your requirements.

Ask for Credentials

Read about the hiring policy. You should find a general description of writers hired by this particular service. You are looking for a sentence that clearly states something like this “We hire only Master’s and Ph.D. degree holding authors.” Of course, writers with degrees is not 100% guarantee, but at least it is something you can rely on for starters. Feel free to ask questions about writers before you place your order online. Address support team members with your request — they should be ready to help you, tell more about authors. If the support team is not friendly or capable enough, it is a good reason to get suspicious about the overall quality of this service. Some companies offer you to pay extra 5-10 dollars before placing your order and receive samples of writer’s work. Use this opportunity, especially if you plan to order some complex paper like a capstone project or research proposal. It is better to pay $5 more than to deal with a writer whose style you find awkward.

Good Writer Is not Everything

When you address a professional academic writing service for help, you should understand that experienced writers are not the only thing you need to make your paper a success. You should know your rights, so read the Terms and Conditions section, find Guarantees and study them thoroughly. Make sure payment methods are reliable, and you recognize them (for example PayPal is a great option). If you need to buy a dissertation or research paper, choose a progressive delivery option and if a particular service doesn’t offer it, choose another service. With this option, you will be able to keep everything under control and pay in installments.

To find an excellent academic writer you need to find a reliable writing service. Use our tips, and you will succeed in it in no time!

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