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Teeth Straightening for Adults: Why It’s Never Too Late

When seeking teeth alignment services from a dentist at Maroubra Clinic as an adult, time is of the essence. Adult patients wonder how long it will take before the teeth straighten out. Some feel anxious about wearing braces throughout and query whether there is a practical and different approach to teeth straightening. Many more doubt the success of straightening teeth in adulthood. This guide addresses such concerns and debunks some myths about orthodontics for adults.

Causes of Misaligned Teeth in Adults

Many people have crooked or overlapping teeth. They grow into adulthood with them because often, such teeth do not present any serious problems. However, such teeth may bring up cosmetic and health concerns for some. Maroubra dentist experts identify the following causes of crooked teeth:

Gum infection

Poor oral hygiene caused by poor or lack of brushing or flossing teeth as required leads to plaque build-up. The plaque inflames the gingiva, causing periodontal infection. When left untreated, the gum infection escalates, leading to loose teeth, loss of teeth, or shifting of teeth.


Tooth crowding, jaw shape, jaw size, hyperdontia, underbite, and poor palate development are some hereditary factors that cause teeth misalignment. Some of these problems manifest or become pronounced with the sprouting of permanent teeth.


Facial trauma or injury to the jaws and teeth is another cause of crooked teeth.

Thumb sucking

When this habit continues after the permanent teeth sprout, it misaligns the teeth and causes other dental problems.

Tongue thrusting

This happens when the tongue presses against the front teeth during swallowing. With time, the habit pushes the front teeth outwards out of alignment. The dentist in Maroubra advises that, ideally, the tongue should press against the palate or roof of the mouth when swallowing.

Premature tooth loss

The loss or extraction of primary teeth too early in childhood causes permanent teeth to shift or crowd toward the gap. That causes teeth crowding and a crooked smile.


Poor nutrition causes weak teeth and tooth decay that misaligns teeth. It also results in other severe and even fatal health problems.

Dentist Maroubra’s Concerns on Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic interventions to straighten crooked teeth can help patients at any stage. Dentist Maroubra’s services show that effective teeth alignment procedures should start early in life. Yet, those procedures are necessary and helpful even for adult patients.

There are concerns with teeth straightening in adulthood. These factors may affect the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment in adults. They also determine the choice of orthodontic procedures appropriate for the adult patient. Below are some factors to consider for adult patients:

  • If the patient has a pre-existing gum infection or has suffered from gum disease that has caused bone loss.
  • The treatment for adults takes longer than for a child. It may take two or more years because the bones have stopped growing, and braces may take longer to align the dental and oral structures.
  • The difficulty in aligning teeth when the adult’s bones have stopped growing means standard orthodontics, such as braces, may not work. The patient may require surgery.
  • Some orthodontic interventions, such as braces, are not advisable for dental implant patients. The need for dental implants often comes with tooth loss in adulthood.

Why Adults Should Seek Teeth Straightening

Sometimes, adults may feel that resolving a dental problem they have lived with all their lives is not an issue for consideration. But correcting misaligned teeth transforms life because:

  • It improves oral hygiene since the patient can reach all the teeth during brushing or flossing. Crowded teeth hamper that.
  • Straight teeth improve facial appearance and boost self-esteem.
  • It improves pronunciation and speech.
  • Through it, patients receive treatment for gum disease, tooth decay, and underlying health problems such as bite issues and mouth breathing.


Although dentist clinics in Maroubra encourage teeth straightening to start as early as the first two years of life, they still show impressive results with adult patients. Therefore, getting a medical procedure that improves your quality of life is never too late.

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