Uses of E-Signature in Different Industries

Since the evolution of technology, astonishing discoveries and inventions are occurring almost every day. With the fast-growing development in technology, the world is changing and moving swiftly. People can complete their tasks in moments that seemed to take hours or days in the past.

A notable invention among the other is the E-Sign (Electronic Signature). An e-sign is an electronic facility that lets you sign on documents without the use of a pen. E-sign documents are electronically written using MS, pdf, or any other software that supports it. They can be electronically signed on by anyone who is granted permission. Although it has been a while since this technology got introduced in the modern world and if you didn’t know how it could be used to increase efficiency in your work, you can read about it now.

Business use

Businesses of any size need contracts and documents to be signed daily. Some of these contracts are for shareholders, clients and customers or staff. These documents are first created and printed onto several pages and then sent for signing. The recipient receives the document, reads through it several times, signs it and then sends it back through mail. This process takes days to complete, and the objective gets far from completion.

E-sign reduces these lengthy procedures from days or weeks to hours or minutes. The recipients are e-mailed the desired copy to be signed, with a designated space, to get quick responses to complete the objective at hand. This process can increase ROI and sales cycles. Clients and customers can be responded to quickly.


Banks using e-sign can provide their customers with convenient account opening and transactions. Now customers don’t need to be in lengthy sittings and sign several documents before they can open an account. Banks can also provide remote access to customers by making transactions through e-sign. In-house signing procedures of banks can be cut short due to it. Taking loans can be made easier and faster.


As e-signs are completely legal, at least in the US, it can be used for carrying out various legal processes. Legal issues like divorce, adoption, custody or will-making can be carried out through e-sign. The amount of time taken in these processes can also be shortened.


For purchasing goods, retailers have to go through extensive procedures which involves getting papers signed and approved from different authorities and sellers. Retailers can use the facility of e-sign to minimize the time it takes to make purchases. They can also get quick access to their licenses through e-signature.


We all know that hospitals and other healthcare centers require a lot of signature work. Doctors and patients both need to sign important papers before going through a medical process. During a hospital visit, a patient might have to wait hours for the administrative procedures to complete. Procedures like these involve creating several documents, printing them and getting them signed. Through sign pdf facility, documents will be signed faster, and medical procedures can be carried out immediately.

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