Top Destinations to Cover During An Adventurous Sri Lankan Trip

Blessed with the most wealth of lagoons, swamps, and rivers with the interconnected canals, Sri Lanka offers the most adventurous trip for anyone to the maximum. Many numbers of kayaking or canoe enthusiast have been visiting here for relaxing the nature in a much more adventurous way. Whether you like to enjoy the most amazing rafting adventure in Kitulgala or elephant safari in Sri Lanka, you would definitely get the more convenient option for easily getting the best adventure. Variety of mini-climates in Sri Lanka also give s extra credit for the wealth of the flora and fauna. This beautiful country is filled with the most amazing high peaks, rugged terrain, mountain gaps, deep chasms, snaking rivers as well as high waterfalls. Yala safari Sri Lanka is considered as the greatest opportunity for the eco and nature-adventure trekking trails enthusiast to easily get a wonderful time. Below are some of the top destinations for travelers to cover on planning for Adventurous Sri Lankan Trip.

Yala Camp

Yala National Park is considered as the most amazing location for leopard safari Sri Lanka. With a population density of leopard is about one leopard per square kilometer in Block 1. Leopards are fantastic animals and it would be a great opportunity to view them in a more significant way. Get a chance to view the large leopards in Asia. There are about 300 to 350 leopards are seen at Yala National Park so that you could get the complete hassle-free option for adventure on your journey. Apart from the leopard, you could also easily enjoy viewing the most amazing Sloth Bears, birdlife and many more in the much more impressive as well as scarcely efficient way.

Ella Sri Lanka

Ella is one of the most beautiful towns that has been located in the Badulla District of Uva Province. It is the essence of the gap that has been formed across the mountain ranges and also quite a famous spot for the ardent adventure tourists. Get the most amazing myriad of adventure trails with the high extensive site that would automatically give you the astounding journey. Kataragama peak to West and Chimney-pot hill in the East gives the complete beauty for the town so that it would mainly give you the complete aspects. Yala National park is located straight to the Ella and it ends on the beautiful and most amazing pale blue waters of Indian Ocean. Enjoy the elephant safari Sri Lanka with your family and friends.

Kitulgala Adventure Tours

Sri Lanka “The Kelani” rivers mainly flow through the most amazing and sleepy little hamlet across the foothills that boasts the best adventure in the country. Kitulgala is one of the most amazing and most beautiful locations that is also called the “The Bridge on the River Kwai”. This place is also considered as the most acclaimed to win about 07 academy awards directed by David Lean in 1957. With more thrill in this adventitious travel would definitely give the complete aspects for easily ensuring the rich ability and available to the maximum. You could enjoy the White Water Rafting, camping or elephant safari Sri Lanka is the much more significant way. Kitulgala Adventure Tours would definitely give you quite adventurous activities in much more specialized aspects from the class 1 to 3.5 on the rainy season. Tributaries of Kalani mainly enabled with the ample supply of small to the medium-sized waterfall in the most amazing region.

Habarana Jungle Adventures

Do you like to get the most amazing and adventurous in the experience the real jungle camping? Jungle camp in Habarana would definitely be the most efficient option for you to easily ensure that you get the extensive jungle food and jungle activities to the maximum. You could extensively take nature trail of the jungle for seeing the birds and other animals. Habarana Jungle is considered as the most amazing place for your camping in Sri Lanka which would definitely give you the best adventure you are looking for in the most amazing manner. In fact, you could also easily see the number of activities that include the scenic kayak ride in the beautiful lake across the campsite. Get the complete raw jungle experience which mainly gives you the most amazing option for casual outdoor clothing. Get the most amazing ideal adventure extension with the cultural triangle and explore the rich heritage of Sri Lanka. Enjoy your Habarana Jungle elephant safari Sri Lanka which would mainly give you the most peaceful and adventurous travel.

Bentota And Koggala – For Blue Whale Watching

Get the complete delight of the most amazing and intense activity in the amazing Blue Whale watching tour. It is also considered as the most adventurous places for giving you the witness on the beautiful and unique sea animals. When you like to get the astounding scuba diving in Colombo then this place would not disappoint you. You could enjoy watching a whale and go further on for turtle hatchery point. The sigh of most amazing tiny turtles being hatched would definitely make you slow on the sea in much more mesmerizing visuals.

Coastal Colombo

When you like to easily enjoy every moment of your stay in Colombo, Coastal part of Colombo is much more considered as the unique spot with the Sri Lanka adventure activities. Of course, it is considered as the most amazing place for improving the underwater skills as well as continuing swimming education. In fact, you could also easily enjoy the diving course and learn more about the process involved.

Kirigalpoththa Mountain Peak

For an exciting trek, Kirigalpoththa Mountain Peak is considered as the most amazing spot that would give you good and safe trekking activities to the maximum. Kirigalpoththa Mountain Peak camping in Sri Lanka is quite exciting for everyone as it is considered as the second highest mountain in Sri Lanka. Highest peak here is the Pidurutalagala and it has been elevated at about 2,388 meters above sea level. This peak is also 7 km trail which is not accessible to the public. It also considered as one of most cherished trek routes.

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