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Top 15 Apps that Make you Money While you Sleep

Apps that Make you Money While you Sleep: Usually People use to say the basic necessity of all the human beings are food, water, shelter, and clothing. But it is not true, why because to own all those things, we need money. It is a paper expressed in terms of monetary values. In olden days, we made money through hard work (monotonous work) but nowadays with the help of experts and technological advances we are making money through smart work. Money makes everything and here let’s see some useful applications through which we can make quick money.

1. Long Game

It is a personal finance application that helps us to make money by playing games and win cash prizes upto $1 million. It makes users to have strong financial planning and how they can make money in future also. The main characteristic of the game is to advance downfall by throwing the ball to the opposite party like the passing ball. It helps to travel in perfect financial path by playing fun games.

2. Acorns

The origin of Acorns is from US. Here, the customers can automatically invest in diversified portfolios (where risk of investment is divided) and can get handful profits. Acorns make use of approximately thirty technologies like Google FontAPI, WordPress etc to help their customers to make money.

3. Money Lion

Based on the financial soundness of the customers, Money Lion offers credit assistances to them. It provides quick personal loans and advances to the needy customers. It plays major role in wealth maximization and user friendly too. Money lion is trustworthy where you can verify your current rate without upsetting your credit score.

4. Tutoring

Today, the language English plays a major role in all fields like workplaces, Educational Institutions even in homes too. So, it is our primary work to develop the English proficiency. For this we need not spend much time to travel to any other places to get coaching. Tutoring App helps us to get English proficiency. It is an online coaching of English language to the needy students. Here the tutor need not work in full time. The tutor should concentrate on both writing and reading skills of the students.

5. Rover

Rover  is an American company. It is the Special and interesting App for pet lovers. It is the unique network for pet parents who show their unconditional love towards their pets. The pet sitter can earn large amount of a money by taking care of 2 to 3 dogs in a month. connects the entire pet lovers all over the world.

6. Shopkick

Getting or Earning money while you spending money to purchase a product is an interesting one. It seems to be confusing but it is true. Yes, you can earn profits through shopping say free gift coupons and cards. Shopkick is one of the best App for smartphones and tablets users to get rewards in both online and offline shopping.

7. Fieldagent

Fieldagent app is one of the most profitable app to earn income. This is exclusively meant for iphone users and it is free of cost. Here you can see plenty of growth opportunities by doing small and sensible tasks. This apps main motive is to provide best service to customers.

8. Sweatcoin

It is the free app which pays the users for each and every walk they take. It is the special app for iphone users to deal with health and fitness. It tracks the GPS location and handset accelerometers of users and converts every step into sweatcoins. Here you can earn through walking, jogging, running.

9. Stepbet

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop so work hard and be active and you can earn money. Here, the players bet to attain their goals at the end of the week and so win prizes. So stepbet rewards you for your daily activities. Betting money may get vary from games to games. It mainly motivates you with signature algorithm which counts your steps and converts that into points. It supports some motion trackers like Garmin Trackers, Android Fitbit etc.

10. Ibotta

Usually we spend more money for shopping but this is the app where you can save money during shopping time. It is quite surprising and unbelievable but it is true. You can use your smartphone for checking the app before you starts to purchase things/outing to other places/banquet etc. This app deals with favourite retailers like ebay, safeway etc.

11. Ebates

It is more or less similar to Ibotta where you enjoy 40% cash back for purchased items. You can see more than 2000 suppliers (Expedia, Amazon, Walmart etc). Ebates guide you to find out where you will get appropriate product at what price and how much cash back you will get finally.

12. Foap

All you have to do is upload your photos and album collections in return you will get pay. Not only it pays but also shares your images to some other followers who even can pay more for your album collections.

13. Viggle

It is possible nowadays to earn money by doing nothing. Surprised, Unbelievable but Yes, Viggle rewards you more when you love to listen music/watch movies. First, you have to sign-in viggle app and try to consume more time by entertaining yourselves. For that you will get coupons, discounts, gift cards.

14. EasyShift

Nowadays hiring an auditor for checking the accounts is quite out of fashion. To pay an auditor is also costly. Easyshift makes your easier by doing small audits at your workplace even at your home also.

15. Receipt Hog

Just click the image of your store and get cash. It does not consider what amount you incur to purchase the product, at what time you make purchase. You can earn higher if you take so many snaps of your outlets and post in the app.

Generally, people love to get rewards for each and every work what they are doing. Nowadays people uses so many gadgets for relax purpose. Hence, experts are coming out with so many money making applications to make them use technical advances and in return get rewards in monetary terms, gift cards, points, coupons etc.

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