Questions to Ask Before Availing Whiteboard Video Animation Services

Whiteboard video Animation has surpassed all the boundaries and has become one of the most important assets to increase entertainment and also the conversion rate of the companies. A whiteboard animated video is only beneficial if it is created properly and displays the right message to the audience, and for this, it is important that one should hire the best and the professional video animator to create the video. In order to assure that you are hiring the right person or right video animation company, it is imperative that you ask all the essentials questions to get yourself satisfied that you are making a wise decision by selecting perfect person or place to get your work done.

A professional video animator or video animation company should be able to answer all the following questions with accuracy. Make sure the person you are interviewing to appoint also knows the correct answers to these questions.

What Do You Know About the Video Animation?

The person you are taking in questions must have the proper knowledge of animations. They must know about different types of animations, tools to create them, ongoing trends and techniques to create the animation.

How Long Have You Been Providing Video Animation Services?

The experience of the animator will tell you if they are even able to create the video in high definition or not. Also, the experienced animator would have known more about the latest techniques and trends to create the video beautifully.

Spot the Major Difference That Distinct Whiteboard Video Animation from Other Animated Videos

The most common way to differentiate the whiteboard video animation from other animation is that the background of the whiteboard is always white, the drawings are always in black, and there is always a drawing hand in the video. Every professional must be conscious of this major difference.

Which Animation Software or Online Tool You Use to Create the Whiteboard Animated Video?

There are countless options available to create a whiteboard animated video, but a professional must know which is the best of all tool they have to use rather than selecting any tool or software randomly.

How Can You Make the Video Unique And More Exciting?

It is understood that there is nothing much that can be introduced in the whiteboard video to disturb its theme and traditional techniques, but a professional must be able to think artistically to add some extra perk in the video to make it look unique.

Do You Create the Script Yourself?

Some animators or video animation studio arrange script themselves, some hire a professional scriptwriter, whereas some ask their clients to arrange the script. You need to know who has to arrange the script for the video.

How Long Does It Take You to Complete a Project?

An expert wouldn’t take too much time to complete the project and must be able to complete the projects in a reasonable time, even though if they are dealing with multiple projects at a time.

Do You Work Alone on the Projects?

If you are interviewing a freelance animator, make sure you ask them whether they will be working alone on the video, or they also work in a team like every animation company.

How Many People Will Be Working on My Video?

You need to how many cooks are involved in preparing your broth. Although creating a video could be done in a team, but there should not be too many people working, as it will increase the chance of ruining the quality of the project.

When Can I Expect My Project To Be Delivered to Me?

It is essential to know how soon can the animator or Animation Company will be able to hand over the project in high quality. The time period should not be too short so that there will be a doubt that there will be no quality, or it should not be too long that the purpose of the video can’t be fulfilled on right time.

What Are Your Charges For Providing the Services?

You should know how much they cost for creating the whiteboard video animations. Remember, whiteboard videos do not cost a lot, so make sure the animator or animation company is not quoting overpriced fees to you. Negotiate them if they are not being reasonable and seal the deal on an affordable price.

What Includes In Your Package?

Sometimes the scripting, revision, and editing are also included in the animation package, but few companies or animators do not provide all these services. Make sure that you are being charged according to the services they will be providing.

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