ducted air conditioning

What are the benefits of installing ducted air conditioning at your home?

People around the world faces a lot of issues with weather fluctuations as it becomes really very difficult to work with discomfort and unease. Be it at home or in offices, this is the exact reason behind the necessity of an air conditioner. Today we will be discussing the 5 reasons and benefits behind installing Ducted Air Conditioning.

Consistent cooling throughout your home

You will be able to cool the room or zone in which the system’s installed with the split units. To maximize the unit’s effectiveness, the area has to be closed shut. If your home is configured to suit open plan living then that can cause problems. As it is costly to install a split system in every single room of your house and this is impractical as you have to be very selective about which rooms or zones you need to cool.

Ducted air conditioning gives you the ability to cool your whole house at the touch of a button, unlike the split system air conditioning. Often in the roof, the central unit is positioned out of the sight and often in the roof. Through a system of ducts to vents, the refrigerated air is pumped through them. Without having to open and close doors behind you as you go, this means you are getting greater freedom here. To the whole-of-house entertaining too, the ducted air conditioning’s far more conducive. Just to keep the temperature down, you are not shutting off the areas. Being able to lower the temperature discreetly without an unpleasant icy blast at the head height is what ducted air conditioning means.

Why the ducted units are cheaper than what you might think?

If you install the ducted air conditioning as opposed to a split system, the initial outlay’s higher. The reality however is that installing the ducted aircon units, you can save money in the long run.

You will be paying the installation cost for each system if you opt for multiple split systems throughout your home. For each of the separate unit, you will have to factor in servicing and maintenance costs. All of these add up together. The higher are your chances of a breakdown when you need your air conditioner the most if you neglect to get your split systems maintained regularly with the more air conditioners which you have.

The ducted aircon offers the perfect solution if you are worried about unnecessarily cooling rooms. You can easily shut off cooling where you do not need if you install a ducted aircon unit that is capable of being zoned.

It dovetails perfectly with your lifestyle

You have got the benefit of a wide range of options which are designed to fit your lifestyle with ducted units. Allowing you to pre-program your air conditioner to come on at a pre-determined time, most ducted systems offer the timer settings. To completely automate your cooling system and operating it remotely from your smart phone or device, this system will also boast wifi connectivity.

You will also have the option of using your air conditioner as an efficient heater when the temperatures dip over the winter months when you are installing ducted air conditioners. You can also go for the reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning as without any additional costs and hassles which are associated with installing a separate heating system; this can allow you to heat your home too.

Ducted wins hands-down when it is all about aesthetics

There is more space to express your individual sense of style with a ducted air conditioner. Then a split or multi-split system the ducted air conditioning system is far less visually. Only the smallest fraction of a ducted air conditioning system remains visible along with the controller, return and the ceiling vents, just like an iceberg. You are free to style each room as you please is what this means.

Increase your property value by installing ducted air conditioning

If you have got plans to eventually put your home on the market, installing ducted air conditioning makes a good financial sense. It is still regarded by many as a high-end or luxury item as the ducted air conditioning is more affordable. The ducted air conditioning makes your property a more attractive option than a comparable property without it for these reasons.

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