Zika virus

Explore Some Facts about the Zika Virus

The infection caused by zika virus is mosquito-borne. It is normally spread by the Aedes mosquito. The Aedes mosquito is responsible for transmitting diseases like chikungunya and dengue. The mosquito normally gets infected when it is feeding on a person who is already infected with zika virus. Once the mosquito gets the virus, it can spread this virus when it bites other people. The zika virus is deadly and it is known to cause diseases like microcephaly in the babies who are born to those women who had already been infected by the virus.

Causes of zika virus infection

The zika virus infection is normally spread through the bite of an Aedes mosquito. These mosquitoes are normally known to bite at the daytime. As soon as a person is infected through a mosquito bite, the virus can be located in the blood for some days. This virus is transmitted to the other healthy people when mosquitoes bite this infected person.

Zika virus can also spread with the assistance from other means like sexual contacts with infected persons or through the contaminated sources of blood like laboratory exposure or blood transfusion.

Complications and symptoms associated with Zika virus

Only 20% of the total people who have been infected with the zika virus are known to experience symptoms. However, these symptoms are mild. They are known to last for a period of seven days. The symptoms include fever, lack of energy, headache, physical weakness, joint and muscle pain, red eyes, and rashes.

People do not need to get hospitalized for a zika virus infection. Most of the people are known to recover without suffering from any complications but again, few cases of deadly neurological complications have been reported. These include the Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which is a disease that can lead to muscle weakness as well as paralysis. It can also cause microcephaly in babies, which is a condition in which the head of the baby is smaller than what it should be. This can cause problems that are related to the development of the brain.

Diagnosis of zika virus infection

It is crucial that you visit your physician if you are developing symptoms after you return from an area that is infected with the zika virus. It has been observed that a zika virus infection is misdiagnosed with conditions like yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya, or infections that are known to cause rash and fever.

Doctors may even prescribe a series of tests to depict if you are actually infected with the zika virus. Most people want to know what does the zika virus look like. You will get all the necessary details about the zika virus and the tests that are associated with it.


Whenever you are traveling to a mosquito-prone area, ensure that you are wearing long-sleeved clothes, boots or shoes, or use the mosquito nets.


The first and most important step for preventing the spread of zika virus is preventing you from the mosquito bites. Take proper care of yourself and you will definitely not be infected with the zika virus.

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