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Guide When Starting a Business in the U.S

Starting a business demands a lot of experience and tactics. There’s only one place to start and it’s in the bottom of the food chain. If you want to excel in the business world, make sure you’re doing it right.

Here is a guide that can help you boost your business’ performance:

Have a Clear Budget

Starting a business will need a clear budget. A clear budget covers all your expenses from the acquisition of legal documents needed for your business’ opening, the construction or purchase of your store, to possible unforeseen expenses.

The most important parts of your budget consist of the first required payments and your backup money. These are the parts of your budget that will make up the foundation of your business and maintain it as it operates.

Don’t allot the exact amount of money that you think can definitely cover all your expenses. Think about maintenance, food, personal expenses and emergency fund.

Hire a Lawyer

Starting a business in any part of the world will require a lot of background knowledge. If you don’t have this background knowledge needed that encompasses legal terms, processes and laws affecting businesses, hire a lawyer.

There are a number of documents that you’ll need to acquire before you can open any type of business such as permits and licenses to operate.

If you also happen to be living outside the US, you’ll need a non-immigrant visa, like an E2 visa. If you have no idea what this type of visa is, read more here.

Construct a Business Plan

Creating a business plan will not only make your operations more organized but will also provide a level of transparency for your partners.

This business plan will also have some sort of control over the actions of your employees. Before opening a business, it is a must that you have a concrete arrangement of operations.

Find Long-Term Employees

It’s crucial for a new business to have a starting team of responsible, full-term employees. Don’t hire employees who are likely to stay for only a year or so. Take people who are willing to learn your business’ operations to finally mentor new employees in the future.

Value Marketing

The power of marketing is great. Let your brand be known. If you’re a new business, you’re likely to have more competitions. Your only weapon is marketing. You may have better products and services, but if your target customers don’t have a clue of your existence, you’ll surely lose.

Get your business going by incorporating an online website, blog or facebook page to your marketing system. There are different methods out there that you can try:

  1. Paid advertising – you can pay websites, radio stations, publications and the like to advertise your product.
  2. Online marketing – build an online fan base through online content, like videos, photos and written articles.
  3. Word of the mouth – this marketing strategy has existed ever since. Get help from your own customers to promote your products. This can only be done if you have quality products.


If you haven’t decided on what product  or service you’ll be focusing on, think about the term “innovation.” This term has skyrocketed other businesses’ progress since the beginning of time. The top 5 percent of the market are effective innovators.

Introduce a product to your target market that other businesses’ don’t offer.

Do business for the people…

Work hard for your customers and not yourself. This method works and it has been proven by a lot of successful businesses. Set the right prices for your products and services. Greed will only take you to one place, and it’s all the way down the drain.

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