Health Measures

Health Measures to Take Before Bringing Employees Back to Office

While 39% American companies plan to reopen their offices in 2021, many have already opened their doors after months of lockdown. The critical teams will be back first and it is vital to be responsive to employees’ concerns around making a return, since it might impact their childcare duties or commuting plans, according to an article on HuffPost. Further, ensuring a safe workspace is extremely crucial to contain the virus spread.

In 2020 and beyond, the world is and would be in dire need of cost-effective medical supplies. Organizations must consider purchasing surgical supplies online, made of the highest quality raw materials and ensure delivery through state-of-the-art technology, according to experts at Essential medical supply will help protect your workers against coronavirus, as they continue to serve the community. No matter the location, industry or company strength, here are a few universal actions every employer must tick off before reopening.

Pandemic Essentials for Workers

Every organization must have sufficient stock of durable medical care equipment to protect against the coronavirus. These include hand sanitizers, 3 ply face masks, KN95 protective face masks and face shields. In case an employee forgets to carry their personal gear, they can always borrow from the office. Make sure to pick them from the best online medical supply store to avoid compromising on quality.

Adequate Screening Measures

Employers must conduct daily in-person screening to check the temperature and look for other symptoms, according to an article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Consider getting an oximeter from a trusted medical equipment store, which can be clipped on to a finger to analyze the oxygen content. If anyone in the office feels low in energy or muscle weakness, test their O2 levels. Anything less than 92%is a cause for concern and must be addressed immediately. Further, one of the most important medical supplies is a non-contact infrared thermometer to provide fast and accurate temperature readings.

Ensure Stringent Hygiene in Office

Besides purchasing medical supplies in wholesale, make sure the long-shut office is ready for occupancy. All surfaces, including the floors, must be wiped with fresh bleach and disinfectant solutions daily. Get the workstations, seats and reception counters cleansed with 70% alcohol regularly. Further, make sure everyone is rigorously using sanitizers or washing hands frequently while in office.

Suspend Food Catering Temporarily

The coronavirus solely spreads through droplets released through coughing, talking or sneezing. However, it is safer to stay away from food catering companies to rule out the possibility of infection. Encourage workers to bring personal meals and beverages. In fact, it is also a good idea to carry one’s own coffee/tea mugs to office to reduce physical contact. Further, make sure everyone is eating at their desk, rather than gathering at common spaces.

To curb the spread of COVID-19, no outsiders should be allowed inside without thorough screenings. Put stickers on the floor to ensure adequate distancing near rest rooms, the pantry and lifts. Lastly, every individual must update the HR department about their health status at regular intervals to ensure optimal safety.

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