4 Health Problems Related to 9/11

9/11 was undoubtedly one of the horrendous events of all time. Both the loss of priceless human lives and financial damage still haunts us to this day. One of the effects 9/11 left on us is severe health problems. Here are four health issues that 9/11 survivors and their families face to this day.


9/11 resulted in toxic dust that affected around 400,000, according to the CDC. The poisonous dust contained chemical products of explosives and remains of the building materials. Pulverized Alkaline is the main chemical constituent of toxic dust. This compound made its way to the small airways in the lungs of the survivors. This buildup is responsible for causing scarring and inflammation in the lungs. People who helped the victims as volunteers, early survivors of the incident, and workers who worked at the place of the incident had to suffer the most. However, the government has set up a way for those affected by toxic dust to get financial aid. You can learn more about this program by contacting the 9/11 Fund Lawyers.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (abbreviated as GERD) is one of the prevailing conditions in the 9/11 survivors. Toxic dust in the dust cloud that rose about Manhattan after the attacks are the reason for this disease. Many 9/11 survivors have shown severe symptoms of this condition. Some of them have developed chronic symptoms like heartburn and acid reflux. Rescue workers and ground zero workers have developed these long-lasting effects of GERD. Some researchers believe that survivors of 9/11 with GERD symptoms might develop esophageal cancer in the future. The primary reason why survivors of 9/11 have GERD signs is that they swallowed the toxic dust that rose from the attacks.


Many survivors of 9/11 have developed the signs of Post-traumatic stress disorder. Both direct and indirect exposure to this tragic event has produced lasting effects on the survivors’ mental health. However, those who were close to this disaster showed elevated stress levels and anxiety. Relief workers were the ones who got severe trauma after 9/11. Their exposure to the tragedies at Ground Zero made them stressed. The good thing is that most people got rid of PTSD in a short time, but there are some exceptions as well.


Toxic dust of the horrific event of 9/11 is also responsible for developing cancer in the survivors. First responders and cleanup workers are the ones who had the most prolonged exposure to the toxins, having a higher risk rate of developing leukemia, prostate cancer, or thyroid cancer. The presence of carcinogens, the chemicals that promote cancer cells’ growth, might be the reason why 9/11 survivors develop signs of cancer. However, it has been a problem for researchers to find the exact number of toxins and carcinogens that made up the toxic dust of 9/11.


Finding the exact number of 9/11 victims is not possible. Thousands have suffered from the tragic health conditions that they developed after the horrific attacks. Do contact 9/11 fund lawyers if you or any of your loved one suffers from the painful health conditions of 9/11.

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