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5 Great IT Benefits of Cloud Computing

Are you struggling to manage all your IT needs the usual way? If so, it might be time to start looking at cloud computing for your business.

Cloud computing has been around for several decades now, but only just started becoming popular in the past few years. Reports show that the cloud service industry is expected to grow to a value of $623.3 billion by 2023.

If you aren’t convinced yet of the benefits of cloud computing, look no further. Below are five benefits your IT department will see when you invest in cloud computing.

1. Greater Scalability

It’s hard to grow your IT infrastructure if everything is in-house. You need to buy new hardware every time you need to expand. Then if things start slowing down, you’re stuck with a lot of expensive equipment.

You can scale your cloud services up and down as much as you need to. All you need to do is change the service level you’re paying for.

2. Better Security

Consumer privacy is a big concern for anyone that stores customer data. There are more risks online than ever, and nobody is immune to cyberattacks.

If you can’t afford to implement the right security yourself, you can rely on a cloud provider for protection. They have already done the hard work of securing their systems, so you can rely on them to house your sensitive information.

It pays to learn more about the security risks businesses face today. Talk to a Managed IT firm like Be Structured to learn everything you need to know.

3. Data Redundancy

Do you have a system in place to save your most vital information? If not, you’re putting your business at risk.

Storing your data with a cloud service means you can take advantage of their redundant systems. All your data will be backed up at multiple points. You won’t need to worry about an accident happening and losing vital information.

4. Lower Costs

It costs a lot of money to build a robust IT infrastructure. You have to invest in hardware and an IT team to manage your systems.

You can reduce costs by offloading your infrastructure to the cloud. You can get up and running right away and reduce the IT staff you need to maintain your systems.

5. More Access

It takes a lot of work to make your business information available online in-house. You’ll need the hardware to house your information and the experts to run things. It makes more sense to use a cloud provider to provide online access to your projects and files.

You can make use of online project management and document sharing to provide access to your business information everywhere. Your team will be able to work from anywhere in the world as if they were in the office.

There Are More Benefits of Cloud Computing Out There

The above benefits of cloud computing are only the start. You won’t understand how much cloud computing will help your business until you start seeing the results for yourself. Start your migration today to see the benefits first-hand.

Do you want to learn more about how technology is impacting business? Head over to our blog to see the newest trends in tech.

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