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4 Touching Pet Memorial Ideas to Honor Your Furry Friend

It’s an absolute blessing to be a pet parent. Pets– cats or dogs– fill our lives with love, comfort us when we are at a low ebb, and decrease cortisol levels, the primary stress hormone. But pet ownership comes with a catch. You will have to bid your furry companion goodbye forever, sooner or later. There’s no greater pain than that for a pet parent.

Losing a four-legged companion is always followed by a difficult grieving period. Time is the best healer of all wounds. But creating a memorial can help ease your pain. There are many ways to memorialize your beloved pet after it has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Here are a few memorial ideas you can consider to carry your furry friend’s memory with you into the next chapter of your life.

#1 Customize a Memorial Jewelry

Custom pet memorial jewelry serves as a beautiful and tangible reminder of the love and connection shared by you and your beloved furry friend. You can keep the memories of your departed pet alive by opting for memorial jewelry.

There is an assortment of jewelry to choose from. Options include necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, and keychains. Engraving a beloved pet’s name on the memorial jewelry is a simple yet powerful way to keep them in remembrance.

But there are several other ways to keep your furry companion’s memory close to your heart. You can celebrate the finite time it spent on the earth by getting its birth date as well as the passing date on your memorial jewelry.

Many crematory services return pets’ ashes to pet parents. You can turn those ashes into diamonds and carry your furry companion’s memory with you long after its death.

#2 Plant a Memorial Garden

Pets love spending time outdoors on the patio or the backyard. You can transform your yard into a serene sanctuary to honor your deceased furry friend. Memorial gardens planted to honor a pet serve as a way to remember and grieve its loss while keeping its memories alive.

Choose a specific location in your garden for a memorial garden, possibly a quiet, private space where you can find peace and solitude. Or else, you can honor your pet’s memory by creating a garden in its favorite spot.

Plant a tree, flowers, or shrubs in the area designated for the memorial garden. Lilies, pansies, marigolds, and hollyhocks are a few flowers you can consider planting in the yard.

Further, you can incorporate decor pieces that remind you of your pet. Felt-stuffed pets or custom-stuffed animals will be heartwarming additions to your memorial garden.

Quality headstones and grave markers are nice, too. You can embed them in the memorial garden for a heartfelt tribute to your furry companion. These are especially a must-have if your pet is buried in your backyard or where their ashes are cremated.

Place the headstone or the gravestone at your pet’s final resting place in your yard. If your pet is buried elsewhere or you’ve used the ashes to create custom jewelry, you can embed it in its favorite spot in your backyard. You can also use headstones and grave markers if you don’t have enough space to create a memorial garden.

Avoid going for fieldstone headstones because they are susceptible to the weather and the environment. Instead, opt for granite. Legacy Headstones explains that granite became a famous choice for headstones towards the end of the 19th Century and is still among the top materials for headstones and grave markers. Neither does it deteriorate, nor does it stain or shatter.

#3 Hang a Personalized Wind Chime on Your Porch

Hanging a set of wind chimes on your porch or garden is a unique way to honor your four-legged friend who spent its life loving you. Wind chimes create an atmosphere of peaceful remembrance with their soft, melodic tones, which is why they are a fitting tribute to your furry companion.

Every time the wind rustles them, the gentle sound of the chimes will make you think of your lost friend. You can personalize wind chimes by adding your cherished pet, the date of its passing, and a meaningful message.

#4 Make a Donation

A meaningful act you can do in the loving memory of your pet is to make a donation to a rescue organization or an animal shelter in its name.

People at these organizations work hard day in and day out to rescue, protect, and heal pets. You can support the care of abandoned animals by donating money. Animal shelters can use your money to purchase bedding, food, and other supplies. In the case of baby animals, donated money is used for multi-antigen and anti-rabies vaccinations and special foods.

Many animal shelters and local rescues accept donations of supplies. Your sweet furry friend must have left a bed, blankets, bowls, clothing, and food behind. Donate some of its belongings, like two or more blankets and leftover food, so others can use it.

To wrap things up, losing a beloved four-legged friend can be a painful experience, and finding solace in the middle of the loss is important. Memorializing your beloved pet can provide you comfort and solace during the grieving process.

As you can see, there is no one way to honor your furry companion’s memory. Maybe you can start with memorial jewelry. Then, proceed to plant a memorial garden and hang a wind chime. Later, as you begin to heal, start donating to animal shelters. You can even donate your time to a rescue or shelter by stocking supplies or walking the dogs. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to commemorate your pet, so do whatever resonates with you.

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