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Preventing Foundation Problems in Your Basement

When you first purchase or build your home, take the time to prepare your basement properly. You can prevent many foundation problems when you get help immediately. Homeowners can also adjust some of their habits to help prevent foundation problems. Yard care and excellent landscaping can positively affect your foundation. Work with a professional to properly seal your basement against moisture damage, as well. While foundation issues remain common in most homes, you can keep them to a minimum with quality prevention tactics.

A Proper Inspection

When you get ready to move into your new home plan an inspection with a foundation repair company. If you have problems, a Michigan basement repair specialist can solve them before you move in. A professional may check for damage, such as cracks and uneven flooring. They may also check the humidity in the basement to find out if you have too much moisture.

Sealing the Area

Your basement walls must have proper repairs and sealant all the way to the bottom of each wall. This means the foundation repair company may dig around your basement to inspect, repair, and seal the wall from the outside. Even small cracks can allow damaging moisture into your home. Once cracks are repaired in the floor and walls, have a sealant applied to them. Proper drainage and plumbing tactics can also help keep your basement dry. French drains often work to remove excess water that may collect near your basement.

Recognizing Small Problems

Once you have the basement properly sealed, you must learn to recognize problems when they arise. When you notice small problems, you can often get a repair done before damage becomes severe. Pay attention to the walls, floors, and air quality. While you can expect changes in air quality throughout the season, a properly ventilated basement should not suddenly become extremely humid, for example. Have small cracks investigated immediately to make sure they do not represent a larger foundation problem. Repair them quickly, especially if you have a lot of rain in the area.

Take Care of Your Yard

Yard maintenance is a pertinent part of basement management. You cannot ignore your landscaping when you have a basement. When you first plan your yard, consult a professional before planting trees. If you have trees too close to the home, the roots can eventually cause your foundation to move. Keep your plants trimmed and watered properly, as well. The goal is to keep the ground around your home healthy and stable.

Homes with basements often attract people due to the extra space. A basement home must have proper maintenance, however. Consult with professionals before you move into a home with a basement. Get a quality inspection before committing to the home. Homeowners should also learn to look for minor signs of damage to their home. Early intervention helps prevent excessive and expensive damage, as well.  With proper repairs and preparation, you can enjoy your basement for many years.

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