How To Recover Corrupted Files From USB Flash Drive – Know The Easy Way

Have you ever been left irritated by a corrupted USB flash drive? Ever gave the USB Flash Drive to your friend for files transfer and got a corrupted one in return instead? It is rarely the case with most of us. We will be given to get a corrupted USB flash drive most spontaneously and out of the blue. While the hardware within the drive can be sought simply from a retailer, there are opportunities that you might really lose important files due to the corrupted USB flash drive. Rarely, users look up for files recovery procedures in order to recover files from their corrupted flash drive. Below, we provide you entire the knowledge users need to recover corrupted files from USB Flash Drive.

Reasons of Corrupted Files From USB Flash Drive

Users must understand what reasons of files corruption in the first place. As always, the hindrance is better than cure, and with this knowledge, we can learn more about how to recover corrupted files from USB flash drive.

  1. Improper ejection:- if you not ejecting your USB flash drive in a proper way your USB flash drive can reason it to become corrupt. Users tend to have a habit of ejecting their inserted USB flash drives without using the safely remove option, and it is what causes corruption of a USB flash drive.
  2. Virus Attack: Virus is another common way of users USB flash drive became corrupted. For the ones who do not use an Anti-virus software in their laptop or PC. Therefore, installation of anti-virus software can make sure that you don’t end up with a corrupted USB flash drive.
  3. Incomplete Transfers: This happens when you eject your USB flash drive in the middle of a files transfer. While your system might still be updating the file, ejection outcomes in a corrupted file, and finally a corrupted flash drive. Remain patient, let the transfer be completed, and harmlessly remove your flash drive to avoid it scenario.

Many write and read cycles: While it a far-fetched reason, this still remains a rare reason for a corrupted USB flash drive. Inserting, moving of files, and deleting it infinite times over a period of time can reason a corrupted USB flash drive. Users don’t require to be afraid by this factor as it is quite far-fetched even during extensive usage.

Recover Corrupted Files From USB Flash Drive By Using Professional Software

If your files are corrupted from USB flash drive Then, you can use professional pen drive data recovery software and recover your files instantly. For use of this tool just follow these steps that I mentioned below:

  • First of all, attach the corrupted pen drive to your PC

  • The Software gives two options, like Scan for Deleted and corrupted and Formatted Scan for formatted data

  • The tool provides your Find and previews restored pen drive data

  • Finally, users can save the recovery items on your laptop or PC.

The Best Thing About This Software

Now we will know the best features of the pen drive data recovery software:

  • The Pen Drive File Recovery Software supports all brands of pen drives like Kingston, Sandisk, Sony LG, etc. and there is no limitation on file size.
  • Pen drive recovery tool supports to recover FAT16, exFAT, FAT32, and NTFS formatted pen drives.
  • The program provides preview options to see the whole scanned data
  • Users can apply filters before recovering lost files and folders
  • Give advance search to find essential files
  • This Tool is compatible with Windows 10,8,7 and below versions of the Windows
  • The software recovers all file formats like Doc, PPT, PDF, Excel etc.
  • It has the user-friendly interface (GUI)

Follow These Advices and Get Rid from Corrupted Files From USB Flash Drive

Here are the advices just follow these and get rid of corrupted files from USB flash drive.

  • Always removing the USB flash drive through the safely remove option. Do not simply pull out the USB flash drive as it is one the most common reason of flash drive becoming corrupted.
  • Always eject the USB flash drive when the file transfer is complete.
    Using reliable pen drive or USB flash drive for storing your precious files and applications is highly recommended.
  • Store your USB flash drive in stable weather conditions. Do not have them unprotected to large heat or cold. The simplest way to a corrupted USB flash drive is not having any circumstance for its hardware.
  • Always using an anti-virus software on your system is a must. While it assists in removing the corrupted files on your flash drive, it can also save your data stored on the system from becoming corrupted.

Summing UP

In this article, you know how to recover corrupted files from USB flash drive. According to me, this article is helpful for users. Because pen drive data recovery tool is the best way of data recovery. For use of this tool technical knowledge not required. It is easy to use.

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