Attorney after a Car Accident

Signs You Need an Attorney after a Car Accident

Car accidents are unpredictable, and nobody wants to be involved in one. They are expensive, time-consuming, and can result in serious injuries. But did you know it’s easier to identify if you need a lawyer in the first hours after your car accident?

Most car accidents require the input of a professional attorney to help determine the party at fault. In Connecticut, you can only receive compensation for damages if less than 50% are at fault. It makes it crucial to prove which party is responsible for the accident, hence the need for a car accident lawyer in CT. The following are signs that your car accident needs a professional attorney to help you win your claim.

There Were Injuries from the Accident

Car accidents often result in injuries and damage for all parties involved. You are entitled to compensation if injured in any way after an accident. However, insurance companies make it challenging to obtain worthy compensation, especially if the driver at fault was uninsured.

You’ll need a lawyer to help with your car accident claim since the burden of proof falls on you. The lawyer helps prove you were injured and the accident was the other driver’s fault. It is easier for them to determine which party was at fault and secure satisfactory compensation.

It Resulted in Serious and Permanent Injuries

The compensation you receive is equivalent to the injuries and damages from the accident. You should expect to be compensated accordingly if serious or permanent injuries like spinal cord injuries occur. However, it’s not that easy when alone, since the burden of proof is on you.

A car accident lawyer will help submit a claim proving you suffered from severe or permanent injury from the accident in question. They’ll handle all the legal proceedings while you take some days to recover. As you focus on yourself, a legal professional team handles your claim.

The Accident’s Cause was a Vehicle Defect

You’ll also need a car accident lawyer if the vehicle’s physical condition is what’s at fault for causing the accident. In such situations, you are entitled to compensation for damages or injuries. You’ll need a lawyer to prove that it was a defect in the vehicle that caused the accident. They’ll help identify the vehicle’s manufacturer, establish contact and identify which party is responsible for the defect.

The Insurance Company Denies You Compensation

Lack of legal counsel exposes you to under-compensation from insurance companies even if you have serious injuries. Some insurance can even deny you compensation or offer a meager settlement.

It would be best to have a car accident lawyer to negotiate negotiations with insurance adjusters effectively and secure the amount you deserve. Note that insurance companies are businesses that focus less on full compensation. Using evidence against the party at fault, your lawyer negotiates skillfully and ensures you get compensated.

The Driver at Fault Wasn’t Sober

Driving under the influence is illegal in most jurisdictions. Recent statistics show around 31% of fatal road accidents in the US involve drunk drivers, which is why their penalties are severe. It can make you lose your license, pay hefty fines, and even have the possibility of jail time.

If you are involved in an accident, and the driver at fault is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they should compensate you for injuries and damages. It’d help go for lawyers with experience handling drunk driving cases to get full compensation.

You must get the compensation you need after a car accident. Apart from the compensation, they’ll also handle all legal processes, including finances, to facilitate your case while you rest and recover.

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