Rise of Moroccan Hand-Made Industry

The Rise of Moroccan Hand-Made Industry

As the blood is important for a human body to survive culture is important for any society to keep their legacy and heritage maintained and balance all around the world. Talking about Morocco the most famous thing of this North African country is the type of different legacy which it has still maintained with pleasure and decency. This is the reason why Morocco is not yet failed to impress everyone in many aspects such as the cultural specialties and the pleasant sites which define its royalty. Many few people know another very important and significant feature of Morocco which makes it Famous among the people with a taste of shopping and knowledge. Morocco tourist attractions include the Handmade industry of Morocco as well; this industry has bloomed in all these years from the beginning of Berber’s era until now. There are many aspects of this industry but the most common are defined below with the detail which might attract you and your shopaholic nature.

Moroccan Traditional Rugs

Everyone knows that the traditional rich soil of Morocco keeps the art and craft monuments and legends in it. This is the reason why every single form of art from street art to wall art and painting has a certain depth from the eyes of the painter to the eyes of the viewer, there is a certain fact which could never be explained properly. Same is the case with the traditional rugs, carpet and the embroidery done on these.

Moroccan Traditional Rugs

While we dig into the history of traditional rugs and carpet of Morocco, this tradition is as old as the any other nation’s traditions could be and as significant in their very own attire. The rugs are produced in the countryside of this region and they are extremely thick woven pile which makes them really useful for the people in the Atlantic Mountains. Previously these piles were used as the bed covers or the blankets by the nomadic Berbers and the other tribes of Morocco.  The embroidery done on these rugs is the famous trend still continued in Rabat, where these are made by the beautiful floral and diamond-shaped embroidery.

These rugs are being imported in many western countries where the designers such as Le Corbusier used these to represent the expensive freestyle designs. Again the mysterious symbols are the part of these rugs. The colours vary from the bright to dull and the creation of hues as well because these are different types of colours used on different rugs. In modern time the Vintage and antique Moroccan rugs are more famous among people and they use them to decorate their homes as well. These rugs are considered as the specialty of Morocco and they are being exported globally due to their reasonable price and high quality.

Barbaric Rugs and Carpets

The legend of wooing these barbaric rugs reports back to thousand years back when the Berbers came to this region and started ruling they brought this tradition with themselves as well. These are the rugs and the carpets a slight difference between these two is that rugs are same from both sides but carpets have one smooth side and it is used on the floor. This difference was identified by the Moroccan tradition 1000 years ago. These traditional carpets are not made by mixing the colours instead they are made by only one surface and base colour and their look are very enhanced and decent. The fabric which is used is making traditional carpets now includes  Nylon, Olefin fibre, and wool. The Tunisian Berber carpets and rugs which are basically known as  “Mergoum” includes the old traditional Berberic heritage and legacy of their culture.

Moroccan Leather

Moroccan Leather

Now coming to the most important aspect of Moroccan handmade industry is the Moroccan leather. This leather is the part of big import and export of the world. People from all around the world buy the items which are made by pure leather which is exported from Fes and Marrakech, Morocco. Originally the traditional leather from Morocco is being imported to Europe where it is used to make soft and good quality clothes, bags, gloves and other accessories. The soft nature of this leather makes it one of the most famous articles in Morocco tourist attractions, and all around the world. The price of this leather is more in other parts of the world than Morocco because it is being imported there. Til 19th century the leather was made by the goatskin but after that, it was made from other animal’s skin as well such as sheepskin.

If you ever visit Morocco on vacations must visit the local shopping markets as these markets will have the large variety of Leather in them which will be very less in price and pure as it is originally made there, especially in Fes and Marrakech.

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