maintain house hygiene with pets

7 Tips To Maintain A House Hygiene With Pets

For most people, pets and a clean home don’t coexist. The furry animals are adorable, fun, and a joy to have. But they also leave behind a trail of dirt, drool, and fur, which takes hours to clean.

But maintaining a hygienic house with your pets doesn’t have to be that difficult. With a few cleaning supplies and some furniture upgrades, you can cut your cleaning time in almost half. Read on to know these tried and tested hacks to keep your pet and your home spick and span.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Your pet’s health is directly related to the health of your house. For example, if your pet sheds excessively, it may be linked to a poor diet. With the lack of protein and essential nutrients, pets cannot hold on to their coat.

To decrease the shedding, ensure that your pet’s diet meets their nutritional requirements. You can also get fur and coat supplements from online pet stores like PetCareRX.

Regularly Brush Your Pet

Brushing your pet makes a great bonding session with your furry friend. It also removes excess hair from the coat, promotes blood circulation, and encourages new hair growth. Overall, there will be less shedding all over your home, making it easy to clean.

Brushing also helps you find and remove ticks, which can cause a nuisance in pet homes. Use special brushes and anti-tick shampoos to keep your pet healthy and your house hygienic.

Invest In A Good Vacuum Cleaner

Most pet houses have stray fur on the sofa, carpet, and anywhere else the pet can get. Even non-shedding, furless pets bring in a lot of dirt and debris inside. And if you have a playful pet, by the time you finish cleaning your house once, the place will get messy again.

A good vacuum cleaner saves you considerable time—around 93% of pet owners vacuum to clean their hair and dirt. If you don’t have the time to clean the house manually, a robot vacuum cleaner might be good.

Use Doormats

Whether your pet returns from their daily walk or a short stroll in the backyard, their feet tend to get really dirty. If you don’t want the dirt in your house, you need to either clean their feet outside or use doormats on either side of the door.

It is hard to train pets to wipe their feet, but the doormats catch a considerable amount of dirt as they walk through the door. You can also use long runners and throw rugs on your dog’s paths.

Set Pet Boundaries

Some areas in the home simply need to be hygienic all the time. Places such as your kitchen and kids’ bedrooms can’t be compromised, as it affects your family’s health. Set boundaries for your pets and train them not to enter the designated areas.

You can also train your pet to develop a routine around other areas of the house. Feed them in the same place and set a time to play with them regularly. This way, you can keep your pets from snooping around in the wrong places.

Keep Your Pet’s Health In Check

According to research, more than 60% of diseases spread from animals to humans. Along with fur and dirt, your pets carry a lot of germs and diseases. Keeping your pet healthy is essential to maintaining the health of your family members.

Regularly get your pet’s health checked by a vet. Ensure that they are properly vaccinated and medicated. Train them well to prevent any incidents of biting and scratching, as they can spread infections. If you suspect your pet is falling sick, don’t ignore the symptoms and consult your vet immediately.

Keep The House Well-Ventilated

With pets coming home after running around on the streets, your house is bound to get smelly. Bad ventilation will keep the foul air inside and create an ideal environment where diseases can thrive.

Open your windows and ventilate the house well to get rid of any bad smells and bring in the fresh air. If your pet smells too much, or even after cleaning, it can be a sign of infection. Get your pet checked to rule out any diseases.

Wrapping It Up

Though pets make the house a little messier, it is easy to keep it clean by planning it well. Maintaining house hygiene is good for your family as well as your pets. Use the above tips to keep your house clean and enjoy your time with your furry friends.

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