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Some Tips to Help Keep Your Furnace Working Well

Furnace service is a valuable tool for homeowners. Whether replacing the furnace or just needing some maintenance, regular furnace service can help keep your home comfortable. Here are some tips to help keep your furnace working well. You should also change your air filter regularly.

Service Your Furnace Once a Year

Most HVAC technicians agree that you should service your furnace once a year. However, many people put off this maintenance until it’s too late. Getting your furnace serviced will help your furnace run more efficiently and last longer. While preventative care isn’t free, it can prevent more significant problems in the future.

You can avoid costly repairs and keep your heating bills down by scheduling an annual furnace service. A quality service technician will look for any issues and try to keep your furnace repair cost low and also see if your warranty still covers them. This can be a major benefit if your furnace breaks down during harsh weather.

Change Your Furnace’s, Air Filter

The first step to changing your furnace’s air filter is to remove the panel that covers the filter. It can usually be found near the blower system and is accessible without opening the furnace. Screws or hooks may secure it. To remove the panel, slide the filter out of the slot.

Changing your furnace’s air filter is crucial for your home’s air quality. Dirt and dust can collect on the filter, making it difficult for your furnace to produce clean air. A dirty filter will have a short lifespan and may need to be replaced. To extend the life of your filter, change it every two to four months.

Check the Limit Switch

When repairing a furnace, checking the limit switch is a good idea. This diminutive component can malfunction and stop working altogether. When this happens, a professional furnace repair service can fix it. However, you can replace the switch if you are handy with electrical tools. To do this, you will need to remove the old limit switch, check for continuity, and insert a new one. You will then have to reconnect the wires. To ensure you’re getting the right replacement, buy an exact duplicate of the one in your furnace.

The limit switch controls the temperature of the air coming into the furnace. The stove will shut off and lock the unit if the air inside is too hot. This means that the high-limit switch is defective and needs to be replaced. It is also essential to change the filters regularly, as these can wear out your furnace.

Check the Control Board

Before performing any furnace repair work, you should check the control board to see if it is in good condition. Usually, this board is attached to the furnace with screws. When removing the board, you must disconnect the power from the furnace to avoid injuries. Next, remove any other parts obstructing your way to the control board. If you can, take photos of the board and the wiring before proceeding to the next step.

Next, check the terminals on the furnace control board to check if the power is getting to them. The wire is usually black and labeled 120VAC hot. You can also check whether the door switch is pressed down. If it does not, you should press it with tape, so it does not come off accidentally.

Check the Circuit Breaker

If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, there could be a more serious problem. The breaker could be bad or have a loose wire. Either way, it should be inspected immediately and fixed as soon as possible. However, the circuit breaker is usually not the problem. Call an HVAC technician if you are not comfortable doing the repair yourself. These technicians are trained and certified to do a good job.

The circuit breaker is located near the furnace unit’s back. Make sure the breaker is set to the “ON” position. A tripped breaker can also be caused by a power surge or other issues with the electrical grid. Resetting the breaker will fix the problem and may prevent any future issues.

Check the Blower Capacitor

If the blower does not operate, it could be due to a faulty blower capacitor. It is essential to check this component when the furnace is not working. This component is located on the blower motor, which is attached to the control board. Jump the 120 volts to the blower motor wires to test the capacitor. This will ensure that the blower motor is operating correctly. However, before you jump the capacitor, check the capacitor’s rating. If it does not meet these specifications, replace it with a new one.

The blower motor capacitor holds the charge needed to make the blower spin. Since all electricity goes through the capacitor, a bad one will cause the blower motor to spin slower than usual. It may also cause the motor to short cycle. Another sign that the capacitor is terrible is a humming or whirring sound from the blower motor.

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