Zumba VS Gym For Weight Loss

Total Daily Energy Expenditure – Getting Through the Day

Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is the amount of energy or calories that a person burns in a day. If you are a person that is conscious about his health and weight, then calculator-online.net is for you. Such persons keep a check on their caloric intake and caloric burning to maintain their weight and body shape. The TDEE calculator is an online available site that tells: what is TDEE? How many calories should I burn a day?

Sometimes it has been understood that it is all about the food and physical activity that matters for total daily energy expenditure. In actual, there are some other factors that have an effect on the total daily energy expenditure:

Thermic Effect of Food

Food is meant to provide energy and fuel to the body. The right and healthy food provide fuel to the body, and unhealthy food provides calories plus side effects. All the food that we eat needs energy to biggest and absorb in the body. This amount of energy that is used in the breaking of food is called the thermic effect of the food.

Some foods have a high thermic effect of food like protein, while carbohydrates are comparatively easier to digest in less energy. Higher the thermic effect of food higher will be the total daily energy expenditure. The protein diet is usually suggested to overweight or obese persons so that their energy expenditure will be more ensuring to the weight loss.

Thermic Effect of Activity

The amount of energy that exerts on physical activity is called the thermic effect of activity. Higher the physical activity higher will be the thermic effect of activity, thus ensuring weight loss. For this purpose, the moderate to high physical activity is suggested to overweight or obese persons.

We also do physical activity in the daily chores, but these are not enough to lose weight. For weight loss, a specific amount of total daily energy expenditure is required on a daily basis to burn calories and fat.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting metabolic rate is the amount of energy that a person requires in a resting state. This depends on multiple factors, which are age, gender, and height. This also has an effect on the total daily energy expenditure. For weight loss, a person ends to expend energy as much as he can on a daily basis with healthy means.

Climate Effects

The temperature and the climate have an influence on the fluctuations of the total daily energy expenditure. If the temperature and climate are hot then it will make the body sweat more, and the body temperature will rise as well. This hyperthermia leads the body to expend energy more than in the normal condition. Simultaneously, in winters the body expends less energy even in response to the exercise.


Pregnancy is a physiological process that increases the total daily energy expenditure of a woman. The increased amount of total daily energy expenditure is basically a representation of the growing fetus inside. This is a normal body mechanism, and it will come back to its normal range after the pregnancy.

Combined Effect

If you combine the factors, the total daily energy expenditure shows the combined effects as well. Like if a person is eating a high protein diet along with doing high exercise schedule a week then the total daily energy expenditure will increase quite higher than the single actor’s effect.

If a person starts doing gym in a room with fans off and creating a warmer environment, then there will be high total daily energy expenditure. These combined effects lead to weight loss faster and quicker.

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