How to Help Someone with Schizophrenia

Having the love and support from family and friends is a crucial part of recovering from schizophrenia, along with the right medication and treatments. Usually, they employ medicine like clozapine, which is made to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia, which is acquirable with a Clozapine discount coupon. Also, with self-help treatments, you can avoid relapses affect the duration and frequency of your symptoms. With all the medication, procedures, and support from your loved ones, you can continue functioning normally in society and continue to retain and build everlasting relationships with the people around you.

Helping Someone with Schizophrenia

If you have a friend or someone in your family that has schizophrenia, you may be dealing with a lot of negative emotions by yourself: guilt, anger, frustration, disappointment, etc. It is reasonable because who wants their loved one to suffer something sad and cruel? You might be feeling helpless in front of them, and that is understandable. Not to mention all the confusion you might experience if you don’t know anything about this mental disorder; seeing your loved one having hallucinations, paranoia, insomnia and another plethora of symptoms can be quite scary and confusing if you didn’t do the research.

One thing you can do is to ignore the stigma of schizophrenia. The media portray schizophrenics as a group of people that is violent and downright creepy, which is unfair as not all people diagnosed with the condition are like that. Sometimes, they also romanticize mental disorders, which is disgusting as it resulted in people making it their aesthetic.

Those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia need a lot of love and support from their family and friends. You need to show that you are there for them in their time of need and you are ready to help them whenever they need it.

There are a lot of things that you can do to help them. First is to educate yourself with the illness. You should research on what treatments they might need, alternative therapies, and other self-help tips. Also, you might want to study on eating patterns and diets as they also need sufficient nutrients in their body. One of the good things to do is encourage him/her to be better. Cheer the person up and make him/her feel that he/she is loved.

Taking Care of Yourself

Having someone gets diagnosed with schizophrenia can be devastating, not just on the person being diagnosed, but also the people around the patient as well. The diagnosis can put a heavy toll on the family, and might even put a strain on your relationship with the person. If you let the diagnosis take over your life and put stress in your family, it might affect the person with the condition significantly.

Since part of the recovery of the person is to adopt healthy eating habits, you need to make a role model of yourself. This will encourage the person to do the same and will make him/her feel that he/she is not alone in this journey.

Talk to Other People

Also, you can talk to other people; someone that will listen to both of you without any judgment and discrimination. This will let out a lot of stress from both of you and will make you feel a sense of relief. This will uplift the mood, especially if you want the person with schizophrenia to think that he/she is at home and has someone that she can talk to four hours on end.


Healthy eating habits should be accompanied with a great exercise routine. With the right amount of physical activity, it will reduce the amount of stress build-up and will release endorphins in the person’s body. Not to mention having an exercise buddy is hugely beneficial. You should aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day to have most of the benefits.

Healthy Eating Habits

Having a healthy diet significantly affects a person’s mood in general. Minimizing the intake of foods that can be bad for your health if taken excessively is hugely beneficial like carbs, sugar, and fats. With Omega-3 fatty acids that are produced from fish, walnuts, flax seeds and another plethora of healthy food, can help improve your overall health like improving your mood, make you more focused, improve your outlook on life, and get rid of toxins in your body. You can help your loved with schizophrenia, not to mention that it can be beneficial to you too.


Letting the situation’s stress and sadness can put a heavy toll not just to you but to the person too. Don’t let your loved one with schizophrenia that he/she is a burden to the family. Instead, let him/her know that he/she is loved and he/she is not alone in this journey to recovery.

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