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What Is eCommerce Website Development? Do I Need It?

What is an eCommerce website? This is a type of site that allows the sale and purchase of tangible products, digital products, and services. Digital Commerce 360 projected that U.S. eCommerce sales would grow by 40.3% to reach $839.02 billion in 2020. The retail market has become increasingly competitive and many of your competitors are likely embracing eCommerce. Therefore, if you want to boost your revenue, it makes sense to put some time and money into developing an eCommerce site.

The Most Common Types of eCommerce Websites

There are many kinds of shopping sites. What is the best eCommerce website for another company may not be right for you. The most common types are:

  • Business to consumer stores. These sell products and services directly to the end-user. Many B2C sites sell clothing, electronics, and personal care items as well as e-books or digital courses.
  • Business to business eCommerce sites. B2B platforms allow you to sell your products and services to other businesses including those in international markets.
  • Consumer to consumer sites. Some eCommerce sites facilitate transactions between regular individuals who want to buy and sell products online.

Benefits of Online Shopping Sites

Both merchants and shoppers find eCommerce to be particularly convenient. However, there are several benefits you can derive from a well-designed, well-developed website. Advantages of online shopping include:

  • Lower inventory management costs
  • 24/7 opening hours
  • Easy access to customer analytics
  • Increased opportunities for cross-selling and upselling
  • Greater access to new markets

Regardless of the type of site you want to develop, there are some basic things you need to have in place. Most businesses with successful online stores see value in having a well-designed site that meets the needs of the consumer. So, what is the best eCommerce website?

Elements of a Good eCommerce Website

It perhaps goes without saying that your website will need a shopping cart since you’ll want your customers to be able to purchase multiple items at the same time. However, you’ll likely generate even more sales if your site has a responsive design and it’s mobile-friendly.

Offering shoppers suggestions for related products is also helpful. It stands to reason that if a customer is purchasing a skirt, they may also be interested in a shirt. Amazon excels at this. Showing shoppers what other people selected along with the product they chose can boost sales volumes.

Your site also needs to have clear photos of each product along with detailed descriptions. Customers want to know exactly what they’re getting so it’s important that you take photos from multiple angles. You should also provide specifications regarding size, color, material, and other attributes.

Choose Experienced Development Companies for Your New eCommerce Site

You’ll get the best results if you hire an experienced web development company. You shouldn’t cut corners if you want your site to boost your revenue and add to your profit margins. Work with a company that knows what is the best eCommerce website for your needs.

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