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What Are Air Conditioning Services In Winnipeg?

Summers mean extreme heat, high humidity, irritation, and feeling sweaty all the time, especially in Winnipeg. However, this narrative doesn’t have to be the same all the time. Nowadays, people simply buy air conditioners to keep them comfortable 24/7.

However, as with any other home appliances, ACs also need regular maintenance, so it’s going to stay in tip-top shape. This means that it won’t stop working in the middle of a very hot afternoon, and you won’t wake up at night with a drenched shirt.

Fortunately, today, you can rely on experts that can handle split-type air conditioning, ducts, refrigerators, evaporative cooling appliances, and other HVAC systems. Below is some information on what the experts can do for you.

Why Servicing is Essential for Businesses and Homes

You might be wondering whether you need AC in the first place. If you can’t bear the thought of fanning yourself to death with hot air circulating you, then the answer is YES. Business owners should also prioritize the installation and repair of their cooling units so that the customers will be happy and the staff can continue to do a great job at work.

AC Unit Ventilation

Being proactive with the cleaning will help you save money through your utilities each month and avoid breakdowns. Some of the air conditioning services may include cleaning and washing to remove dust and debris. Processes like these are going to take the pollutants and irritants out of the system so you can breathe cleaner and fresher air. Built-up dust will drastically decrease the performance of the system so this is an issue that needs addressing as soon as possible.

The experts in Winnipeg will help remove dirt out of the coil fins and they use special solutions and sprays for the cleaning. See a significant change in your indoor air after they serviced the units, and you’ll never regret this decision, ever.

Check if the Thermostats are Fully Operational

Modern brands tend to have reverse cycles of both cooling and heating. This means that you can use your HVAC whether it’s summer or winter and with their built-in thermostat, you can do adjustments as needed. When there’s an issue with the temperature, the technicians will determine the root cause of the problem and fix it.

Troubleshooting and checking the parts are part of their job, and they make sure that the AC is ready to keep you cool during the sweltering days of summer. See more about how these appliances work when you click here.

See if there’s Enough Coolant

Refrigerant levels may vary from one unit to another. However, they play a key role in keeping residential and commercial properties cool and comfortable. Maintenance may involve checking for leaks and making sure that there are none. They will also add to the coolant whenever necessary and help the air conditioner be in its best condition.

Assess Electrical Components

Contractors will see if the external and internal parts are in good working order and will suggest a replacement if they notice the rust and other issues on your HVAC. Inspection of the return air grilles is also in order as well as making sure that the AC will provide you with a consistent temperature at the right power.

Inspections of the Outdoor Units


Central air conditioning systems may come with packaged or split-type systems. Outdoor components may include compressors, heat exchangers, and fans. The best pros who have the knowledge and experience in these jobs will check all of them as well as the safety controls, condensate drain lines, and drip fans. Read more about the lines at this link here:

After they are finished, you will receive a thorough report of their findings as well as suggestions on how to improve your entire HVAC system.

Scheduling these jobs at least twice a year in Winnipeg will help you avoid expensive repairs and replacements down the road. Cleaning the entire equipment takes only a few hours, and with the right company, you can expect your AC to get repaired within a week so you can get back to a cool temperature.

Enough care and maintenance can result in long-lasting ACs and they can last up to 12 years or more. When you have an old appliance, and it still manages to keep everything cool without blowing up your utility bill, consider yourself lucky. However, if you want to enjoy more features that the latest technology can offer, feel free to ask the technicians about them.

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