Lower Back Pain

How to Avoid Lower Back Pain from Lifting Weights

Lower back pain is such a discomfort to anyone who experiences it. It is common with aged people and with employees who sit in front of their computer for a long time. Lower back pain is common to people between ages 25 to 50. Those who are employees and experience diseases already. Lower back pain can either be serious or not depending on the frequency of its occurrence, the severity of the pain, and the cause. This product from Halo Health Exclusive Dr Ho Decompression Belt will help with back pain. It will be a huge relief if there is something that can provide a remedy if you regularly experience back pain.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?


This is one of the most common causes of lower back pain and it is the most common form of arthritis. It is a generative disease meaning it can get worse by time and if not medicated and treated properly. It has various causes and the most common is aging and obesity. Osteoarthritis is very common with people within the age of 60s but can occur also earlier than this. It can also be genetic. But with the proper lifestyle and healthy eating, there is a high possibility that this can be prevented.

Kidney Stones

Having kidney stones has different causes but sure enough that back pain will occur on this. Kidney stones are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle in general. Eating salty foods and drinking less water can cause kidney stones. This is a serious condition and if symptoms occur such as pain during urination, go and see a doctor right away.

Spinal Cord Abscess

This disease is very serious and this is one of the most needed attention among all the causes of back pain. Spinal cord abscess has also different causes and one common is a boil. If a boil developed at the back part of the body near the spinal cord, this can lead to an abscess. This can lead to paralysis that is why this should be consulted to the doctor.

Threatened Miscarriage

Again, this is one of the most serious causes of lower back pains. If you are pregnant and you experience lower back pain, it is actually normal. But if the lower back pain together with other symptoms such as spotting and abdominal pain, you should visit the doctor right away if that is the case.

Now that the causes of lower back pain have been given, let us jump into how to avoid it from lifting weights:

  1. Before doing weightlifting, make sure that your back is in proper condition so that you will have an idea within the amount of your limit. If you are already experiencing back pain beforehand, you should go and see a doctor and check if your back is in proper condition. If you are planning to lift weights as a form of exercise, make sure to visit a doctor first before doing so.
  2. Start from less weight to more. If you want to start lifting weights, do not force your body to lift heavy weights in the beginning. As you start weightlifting, what you can do first is to lift less weight but more often. By that, you will be able to form your muscles while your back is not compromised. And from there, you will avoid having back pains.
  3. Wear comfortable attire. Do not wear heavy fabric clothes. If possible, wear dri-fit fabric clothes and leggings or biker shorts. You can be barefoot if you are at home but if you are going to the gym, do not wear sneakers, wear running shoes or any workout shoes that will make your feet comfortable. If you are wearing heavy clothes the tendency is it will add weights on you.
  4. Always do a warm up before starting. Here are some warm-up tips to avoid back pain:

Toe Touch

This does not only help with the back but it also stretches the muscles on the arms and legs. To do this your feet must be together. Lift your arms over your head and then fold forward then reach your toes. Pause for at least 3 seconds. Repeat at least 10 to 15 times.

Back Stretch/Cat Stretch

This is called the cat stretch because you need to position your body like a cat. Hands and knees are pressed on the ground while the head is the back level. Bend your back and that will make a curve shape. While you are in the cat position, bending your back should be upward. And then come back down relax. Do this at least 15 to 20 times.

Roller Back

Sit on the ground and the knees should be bent one foot apart from the butt. Feet on the ground. Use a roller foam and place it on your middle back. Put your arms above the head and roll the foam slowly until it reaches the shoulder level.

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