Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana: Boon or Bane

In last a few years cannabis has been legalized in several countries keeping in mind the medical use of it. Several governments are suddenly waking up to many benefits of marijuana, most of all to patients of serious illnesses like cancer and AIDS. Tens of thousands of medical professionals worldwide have a thing mind for decades now that marijuana or cannabis, a weed-like plant has been erroneously classified as a drug and must be legalized. Many nations have legalized cannabis keeping in mind the medical and recreational use of marijuana. Let’s see the global scenario of the same.

In western hemisphere of the world, it is commonly known as pot or more lyrically marijuana, in India ganja and in middle-east as hashish. Whatever its name, cannabis sativa, a herbaceous plant first identified by that name in 1753 has been in use since times immemorial. It has been used as a source of fiber, oil in food, for recreation, in religious rituals, and as a safe pain killer. Queen Victoria, the powerful English monarch suffered from severe menstrual cramps, her private physician, Sir John Russell Reynolds prescribed marijuana and in an issue of one of the world’s oldest medical journals Lancet, he described the humble plant as one of the most valuable medicines we possess.

Some major countries which permit the use of marijuana both for recreational as well as medical purposes are Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Spain, 33 states of the United States and some major countries like Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, UAE, and Saudi Arabia have banned marijuana.

Medical Boon

There are several scientific data that show marijuana has some medical uses, first of them is relief of pain, vomiting, and nausea, in cancer patients receiving anticancer radiotherapy or chemotherapy. When in patients of cancer and AIDS the treatment shifted from curative to palliative, cannabis which is also available in pill or capsule form in some countries, you can get online dispensary canada. It can make the patients more comfortable in their remaining last days or weeks of their lives, with less pain and angst. Family of terminally ill patients would find it comfortable seeing their loved one has gone with less pain; some even call it leaving with dignity.

In other medical benefits like relief of severe spasticity, joint and chronic muscle pains unrelieved by conventional treatments, mental and psychological conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, autism, depression, childhood mental disorders, Tourette syndrome, and alcoholism.

The other benefits of marijuana besides the treatment of some illness are that it can soothe your body and help you to get a good body mass as it works as an appetizer. People who consume marijuana likely to have more appetizer and they can eat whatever there is in front of them. People who are looking to gain body weight, marijuana can help you very well or you can also try steroids Canada for that.


Despite the potential banes of cannabis, it has potential negative effects too. It has been served as a gateway drug to other dangerous synthetic substances and linked to increased rates of crime and delinquency. High-frequency weed consumption has also been associated with neurological abnormalities, improper perinatal development, and respiratory issues. There is always a public health threat while legalization of weed is being discussed as smoking anything means inhaling the smoke to the lungs and that is never good for the health of a human body.

It contains CBD and THC. CBD is where almost all of the medical properties lie and it is also non-intoxicating but THC is being as a money spinner. THC is the natural substance in the plant that gets you high. Before the 1970s, the THC in Cannabis plants was half as of now, and it was naturally occurring. The greedy cultivators have started to use pesticides and fertilizers to increase the THC level in the plant which in many ways is the topic of concern.

With this kind of manipulation into the products that are being sold today can contain above 30% THC and concentrates can contain above 95%. The most of the cannabis that’s being sold today, it isn’t really cannabis. It is THC in either pure form or in an extremely high and unnatural concentration. To say that we have legalized the weed is subtly misleading since we have commercialized the THC and it is a matter of public health threat really.

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