3 ways AWS will stupefy the industries with its impeccable offerings!

Cloud computing with Amazon Web Services is sure to have a lot of benefits for the world. When a business shifts the app development and data to the cloud, the company does enjoy a lot more efficiency and flexibility. At the same time, they are able to use more advanced technology. Amazon Web Services is used almost everywhere, and by a variety of different firms. Starting from manufacturing firms to warehousing companies, AWS has the potential to serve a wide variety of companies. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the top cloud computing companies across the globe. Therefore the revenue of AWS is also increasing, though it was already $17.459 billion in the year 2017

Cloud Computing is as it is known as the paradigm for IT solutions. They offer the users on-demand access to resources. Cloud computing is much more than just a model for stocking, and managing the data online. The market is huge, hence, cloud providers can evidently witness the tremendous demand. Also, they have sensed the exponential future growth. Therefore, various companies are investing humongous amount of money to create fantastic infrastructure for Cloud computing Services.

AWS has supported small sized startups to companies with billion-dollar budgets. Hence, AWS is being used almost by every type of firm. As, it provides a host of options which are not just economical but also very efficient. Therefore a large number of companies have started opting and implementing Amazon Web Services, including the industrial firms.

The Airline Industry is stunned with the use of AWS

Cloud computing is adopted even by the airlines industry. There is a lot that AWS makes it easy for the industry. Starting from emission controls, forecasting the travel times, recognizing aircraft, modelling traffic etc. That is why the industry has even adopted AWS and it offers the industry an extremely scalable infrastructure. One of the key uses of cloud computing has been the ease of managing the availability via a single source, by websites, operators etc. and for different channels.

AWS offers the airlines the golden chance to leverage the advantages of the cloud for a variety of activities like application creation, handling the great amount of content and data. Some of the airlines like Qantas, LOT Polish, Ryanair and GOL Airlines have already opted AWS for their cloud computing needs.

The prime example of Tata Group using AWS

TATA Motors is one of the components of Tata groups who are making full use of the AWS features. The multination automobile company has spent years in the market. And, now, even thy think that it is the right time to adopt the cloud computing technology. AWS functions are being used by the telemetric tools as well as the customer portal. TATA Motors has even developed a specific system to estimate the spares demand with the help of inventory and order patterns. Amazon Web Services is offering the company, the much needed infrastructure to enable the experts do experimental work. Also, it is helping the firm save a lot of time.

Listed below are the top 3 reasons and ways that AWS has helped the industrial firms

1. Ease of investment

The best thing about Amazon web Services is that you can opt for different packages for your company. You don’t have to spend a big amount of money straightaway. A plenty of firms have their own high and low periods. Therefore, if a firm requires less or more resources, the companies can easily include or deduct the resources without any hassle. You would not have to waste a lot of time or money to make the amendments. AWS makes it very easy to pay for only what you require. Doesn’t matter whether you are a small sized firm or a big MNC. You can choose the features that you need.

2. No contract

Amazon cloud services is preferred by so many firms because of a lot of reasons including the factors like ‘nil commitment fees’. You won’t have to worry about any AWS service you choose to use. There would be absolutely no commitment and you won’t be locked into anything. At the same time, there isn’t any minimum spend which is required to make use of their services as well. The process of payment is very transparent and adjustable. Also, the ease of terminating the services, whenever you want makes it all the more comfortable. So, you will never have to worry about paying extra.

3. Ease of use

One of the major advantages that AWS has over other tools is the fact that Amazon Web Services is extremely easy to use. At the time when Amazon Web Services was created, the prime aim was to develop a powerful platform where all the app providers, vendors and ISVs are able to quickly and securely host all of the applications. At present, it fulfills this task, for all the applications. AWS is unquestionably regarded as one of the easiest platform to use. This also makes it easy for the people to teach and learn AWS.


Amazon Web Services seems to be a powerful solution for all type of software development companies including the industries like manufacturing, logistics, warehousing etc. This is also true because there are various apps which are basically designed for the functions of such industries. At the same time, AWS offers a lot more customization as well. Also, Amazon’s trademark simplicity and user-friendliness are few of the other features that make it a top choice. AWS is known to offer a lot more security and flexibility to the industries. Also, it helps them to optimize and boost their performance.

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