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Best Basketball Shoes for College and Professionals

Have you ever wondered what college athletes and professionals wear on the hardwood? The best part about knowing this information is that you have the ability to buy these shoes. When filling out your March Madness bracket, also pay attention to the shoes of the teams.

This is valuable information for success in your recreational league and your style. Let’s get into the best basketball shoes worn by college and professional athletes.

ADIDAS Trae Young 1

Trae Young is turning into one of the best players in the NBA. He has been all over the floor this season, and it’s showing with his show sales. His shoes have some unique styles for people who purchase a pair.

The sneakers are lace less at the top, but you can still tighten them with laces if needed. The really nice part about the shoes is the sole. The ergonomic midsole makes it one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

Lots of players at Adidas-sponsored schools wear these in the NCAA Tournament. Keep an eye on these shoes on the floor in March.

PUMA MB.01 Shoes

You do not see many PUMA shoes on the floor in the NCAA or NBA. However, they are becoming more popular thanks to players like LaMelo Ball. PUMA partnered with Ball to create the MB.01 shoes, and they are fancy.

This is Ball’s first signature shoe outside of Big Baller Brand to hit the open market. This could be the reason Ball is representing the Charlotte Hornets in his first NBA All-Star game this season.

The shoes are made with Nitro Foam cushioning, and this goes through the sole. It helps players be explosive on the floor and creates a more dynamic play style.

ADIDAS Donovan Mitchell D.O.N. Issue 3

Donovan Mitchell is on his third shoe with ADIDAS, and they have been very popular. ADIDAS shoes are some of the most popular in the NBA and NCAA. These shoes will be all over the NCAA Tournament.

Mitchell is selling a lot of shoes because he is playing great basketball. The best part about this pair of shoes is that the cushion is lightweight and works with the extra grip sole. This allows players to cut quickly and fly up the court.

The program in the NCAA that wears this shoe model is the University of Louisville. The sneaker color is based on Mitchell’s time as a Cardinal.

Reebok More Buckets Basketball Shoes

Reebok is starting to get into the basketball shoe game more. This is especially true with NIL deals because college athletes have the chance to wear whatever shoes they want and profit. Reebok is thriving in the budget shoe market.

They are selling this to collegiate athletes to appeal to a wider population. The company has worked with some basketball giants over the years, like Shaq and Allen Iverson. The best part about this model is the sturdiness and the classic look.

New Balance KAWHI

The New Balance KAWHI’s are worn by players looking to do it all on the court. You will see these on some college athletes’ feet. New Balance is known as a running shoe, but it’s starting to gain traction in basketball.

This is thanks to the company’s partnership with Kawhi Leonard. The midsole is softer on these shoes, which is different than most basketball shoes. However, it allows for durability and support to prevent injury.

These are good for lighter athletes who are looking to be all over the floor. A larger player will do better with a more rigid shoe.

In basketball, shoes are critical to a player’s success. They are also popular with the fans who take in the action. When looking at March Madness, pay attention to the shoes on the player’s feet. The same goes for when you are watching the NBA.

There are a wide variety of shoes that you can utilize for your pick-up games and general style.

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