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Who is the Next Great NFL QB?

With Tom Brady retiring, it’s only right to look at who is going to take the reins as the best quarterback in the NFL. There are still players like Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford, but their time under center is dwindling. The young quarterbacks are taking over the game, and the league is in tremendous shape.

You can make sports betting picks for who the next young quarterback to win a Super Bowl will be on multiple books. Although, when you look at the talent, you realize this is a very difficult bet to make because of the loaded talent pool.

The league is in tremendous shape, but here are my picks for the next great NFL quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes may already be considered great. At just 26 years of age, he has done more in the NFL than most quarterbacks could dream of in a decade. He is the leader of the Kansas City Chiefs, and the best part about him is his mobility in the pocket.

Mahomes ability to extend plays is why he has taken the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game for four straight years. Kansas City has been in the Super Bowl two times in this stretch, and he has been victorious in one game.

Yet, the game that I realized Patrick Mahomes was a star came in the Super Bowl when he faced Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Kansas City’s offensive line had no answers for the Buccaneers’ defensive front, but he just avoided pressure with ease.

Mahomes did not have a great game on paper because he was running for his life in the pocket, but it still showed how dynamic he was in the pocket. It was one of my favorite performances out of a quarterback.

Mahomes lost to the Bengals in the AFC Championship Game this past season. It was a game Kansas City should have won, but he will have other chances at the AFC crown and ultimately win many more Super Bowls.

Out of all the young quarterbacks in the NFL, nobody is more fun to watch than Mahomes.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen is the quarterback for the Bills that will ultimately bring a Super Bowl to Buffalo. The Bills nearly won the AFC Divisional Playoff game this season in Arrowhead. The only problem for Allen and the Bills were Patrick Mahomes took over the game.

The Bills have been so successful in the past few seasons because of Allen. He is a big-armed quarterback taken out of the University of Wyoming. The best part about Allen is his grit and the adversity he was forced to overcome from a young age.

Allen went to junior college and then transitioned to the University of Wyoming. This was the only school that gave him a chance. However, he went on to be a first-round draft pick.

Once Allen gets over the hump and takes the Bills to the Super Bowl, there will be no stopping this team. Buffalo is the new owner of the AFC East, and I think the Patriots will have a hard time reclaiming this spot even with Mac Jones.

Joe Burrow

It’s hard to talk about the best young quarterbacks and not have Joe Burrow come to mind at the top of the list. Burrow is a baller. There is no other way to describe the quarterback, and his quiet confidence helped him go from first to last.

At the beginning of the season, the Bengals were +20000 to win Super Bowl LVI. This was the same odds given to the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that won just three games. What Burrow and the Bengals did in 2021 was one of the most amazing feats any team could think of in recent memory.

The Bengals came up three points short of the Rams in the Super Bowl, but Burrow showed how good he was throughout the game. The quarterback had no offensive line, but he did not let this stop him from delivering throughout the day.

Burrow was putting up MVP numbers without an offensive line throughout the year. If they give him some level of protection, Burrow will be able to put up Hall of Fame numbers. I also think losing in the Super Bowl is the best thing that could have ever happened to Burrow.

This loss will put a new level of hunger in the Bengals. Hunger creates winning, and this is what I see happening in the next few seasons. Additionally, Cincinnati has the third most cap space heading into next year, so I am looking forward to Cincinnati’s play for years to come.

Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence did not have a good rookie season, but he did play well at times. This is because of the talent and coaching staff around Lawrence. Lawrence is arguably the greatest quarterback talent of all time, so I expect this to change in the coming seasons.

Lawrence needs protection and weapons, but there is a lot of enthusiasm for Jaguars football. This is a blessing for Lawrence. If they give him some help, look for Lawrence to win multiple Super Bowls during his run with the Jaguars.

Mac Jones

Mac Jones is by no means the most talented quarterback in the game. However, he did make the Pro Bowl in his first season and showed elite levels of accuracy in the pocket. A lot of media was critical regarding Jones’ throwing ability, but he thrived throughout the year.

One reason for this is due to Jones being in the best system. The Patriots have a proven method of winning behind Bill Belichick. It will be interesting to see what New England can do without Josh McDaniels calling plays.

McDaniels was a staple in New England, and he helped with Jones’ growth as a quarterback. I believe Jones will win a Super Bowl, and his growth will be monumental in the coming seasons.

The NFL is in great shape with the present quarterbacks. This will only be enhanced with the talent coming out of college.

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