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Best Food Network Recipes

The Most Delicious Chicken with Rice

Could traditional chicken and rice be one of the most popular comfort foods ever? We believe so. To top it all off, this variation is done in only one skillet. To ensure juicy chicken, we use bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs that cook at the same time as the rice. A last brief broil makes the perfect crispy skin and adds crunch to the rice and vegetables.

Blueberry Muffins at Their Finest

The issue with most blueberry muffin recipes is that there are never enough blueberries. However, in order for the batter to support the weight and moisture of the berries, it must be lighter in texture than other dump-and-stir muffin recipes. So we creamed the butter to add lift and keep the blueberries from making the batter gummy.

Lorraine’s Best Quiche

This traditional French quiche is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and is filled with crispy bacon, soft, sweet onions, and nutty Gruyere, all nestled in a tender pastry shell. The dough must be refrigerated twice, but it is well worth the effort. The dough is exceptionally buttery, and chilling it makes it simpler to work with and produces a light flaky crust.

The Most Delicious Pot Roast

Browning the meat and onions before roasting provides a rich meaty taste and caramelized sweetness to a tasty pot roast. This step distinguishes our recipe from the numerous others that use a slow cooker. In addition, unlike a slow cooker recipe, our sauce is simmered to decrease somewhat, concentrating the flavors. You’ll finish up with a fall-apart tender roast with a silky sauce and excellent vegetables.

The Most Delicious Chicken Cutlets

When we set out to make the best cutlets, we wanted wonderfully tender chicken that was tasty and moist (rather than insipid and dry) with a crisp, breaded surface that didn’t go soggy. We discovered that combining panko with Pecorino Romano gives the salty, crispy crust we desire, while dried spices in both the flour and breadcrumb combinations ensure that our cutlets are never dull.

Sloppy Joes at Their Finest

This is the epitome of a weeknight comfort meal. We prepared a zesty and tasty homemade sauce that is also quick and easy to make. We used ketchup and bottled tomato sauce for a tomato-y zip, as well as a touch of brown sugar for sweetness and a faint caramel finish. Green bell pepper is an important addition; it complements the other components and elevates the flavor profile to that of a proper sloppy joe.

The Most Delicious Fried Chicken

We dry brined the chicken overnight to allow the flavors to penetrate the meat all the way to the bone. (Don’t worry, the brown sugar doesn’t make the chicken sweet; it simply enhances the flavor.) We also moisten the seasoned dredge flour with buttermilk and spicy sauce before frying the chicken to generate huge shaggy bits of tasty crust. And what about the cornflour in the dredge? Even if you serve the chicken at room temperature, it retains the crust shatteringly crunchy – more so than just flour would.

The Most Delicious Pulled Pork

Without the use of a smoker or grill, the combination of chipotle powder, apple cider, and ketchup creates the right blend of smokey, sweet, and tangy! All that’s needed for our traditional, gratifying pulled pork is a tasty homemade rub and a long journey to the oven to cook low and slow until it’s meltingly soft. Serve it on its own or put it on a potato bun with your favorite toppings for the ultimate sandwich. Coleslaw is a typical side dish, and we prefer a vinegary version to cut through the richness of the pork.

The Most Delicious Shrimp Scampi

This buttery, lemony, garlicky shrimp scampi is a standard menu dish at every excellent Italian-American restaurant. We like it because of its simplicity and delicious balance (plenty of butter also helps!). While it appears and tastes nice, this dish is actually quite simple to prepare. Red pepper flakes add a spicy finish to the white wine sauce, which is ideal for soaking up with crusty bread or cooked pasta.

The Most Delicious Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is a spicy tomato-based meal with garlic, ginger, fenugreek, and garam masala. We used fenugreek leaves in this dish because they have a nutty and slightly minty flavor. If you can’t find fresh mint leaves, use dried mint leaves and a pinch of crushed fenugreek instead. Garam masala is a famous Indian spice blend that can be found in most grocery stores and national spice firms.

The Most Delicious CremeBrulee

We wanted a thick and creamy custard that wasn’t overly sweet so that we could completely appreciate the trademark crispy coating of caramelized sugar on top. We got a soft and creamy texture by simply using egg yolks. We experimented with milk and half-and-half before settling on heavy cream for its richness. Whole vanilla beans provide a more strong, pure vanilla taste than extract. We really enjoy how the vanilla seeds are scattered throughout the custard.

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