Russian Quotes about Love

Best Russian Quotes about Love

Love is the main meaning of life, its main core. After all, it is the feeling that makes us grow, develop, and strive for the best. Its role and incredible importance are very accurately conveyed in the statements of great people about love.

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There is nothing sweeter than talking about love. To avoid pathos, over-used quotes, and clichés, we recommend turning to the statements of those whose aphorisms became known around the globe, and, thus, they are widely used almost everywhere. They are as different as the people who uttered these words. All great writers and thinkers wrote about love. Romances, lyrics, and sonnets of the Renaissance poets are devoted to this feeling. The cult of the Beautiful Lady and love for her is sung by the poets of the Russian Silver Age. Beautiful words once spoken by Russian authors of famous books will help to touch the deeper essence of this magnificent experience. In our review, we gathered the best Russian quotes about love.

  • “Life is easier without love. But there is no point in life without it.” – L.N. Tolstoy
  • “It is interesting to marry only for love, but to marry a girl just because she is cute is like buying an unnecessary thing at the market just because it is pretty.” – A.P. Chekhov.
  • “To love is to see people as God intended them, and the parents did not fulfill.” – M. Tsvetaeva.

Love is always bright, emotional, impressive. With its arrival, everything changes – your eyes begin to glow, a joy and a sweet smile appear on the face, and there is always a wonderful mood in the soul. Love is multifaceted – the opposite, impossible, and different things are reunited in it. There is a place for quiet happiness, bright flashes, volcanic eruption, and calm flow.

Talking about such a feeling as love is always difficult since there are no words in the world to convey the range of feelings that fill the human heart. But it is impossible to hide love, to keep silent about it. You want everyone around to become as cheerful, joyful, and happy as you are when in love.

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This feeling is unusually different in its manifestations. Therefore, every writer, philosopher, scientist, and poet describes it in their own way. There are no quotes of great people about the love that answer the question of what love is in the same way. For some, it is a boundless ocean, while others compare love with a great gift, a gift of fate. But all aphorisms are unanimous in that a truly happy person is theone who knows how to love, having had known these experiences at least once in a lifetime.

  • “Unrequited love does not demean a man but elevates him.” – A.S. Pushkin.
  • “The consequences of love are always the same – a new person! I am not talking about a child but about people who love because this feeling renews the soul, makes people different, better, more beautiful.” – Maksim Gorky
  • “Love is stronger than death and the fear of death. Only love, only it keeps and moves life.”– I. S. Turgenev.
  • “Love is the most ineffable, strongest, and holiest feeling of all.”– N.Karamzin.

Few people bypass love. Therefore, from year to year, the collections of great quotations about love grow and are replenished with new, wise, and much-needed words, giving us a great opportunity to share our feelings beautifully.

Quotes about love help to understand how different, amazing, and unusual it is. It is not necessary to be a great poet or professor to write a beautiful statement about love. You only need to truly fall in love with someone once.

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