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How to Encourage Your Shy Child to Participate in School

Shy kids can often find school participation and activity overwhelming. Most of the time, they hesitate to speak out in their class or to participate in any school activity. That is where you, as a parent, can do a lot. Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to encourage your shy child to participate in school.

Teach them a few social skills

Teaching your child social skills can be very beneficial in their early school days. If you do it correctly, they might overcome the shyness very soon. Which skills are the most relevant? First of all, teach them how to meet new people and greet them. That should always be the first step. After that, try to make them initiate conversations and make eye contact with their interlocutors. And finally, teach them to be good listeners. There is no way to learn how to communicate unless they first understand how to listen to others. All these skills will be crucial in school.

Inform their teacher

Even the best teacher can overlook that a few kids need a different treatment and approach because of the shyness. However, if you inform them on time, they will have more space to think about other creative strategies that your kid might need. They will, most likely, understand the situation, and encourage your kid to participate more in school tasks. Also, they will pay closer attention to your kid’s development, which is essential for making progress. Even after a particular period, go and talk to the teacher again. Through conversation, compare your kid’s behavior at home and school, and try to find the best way for further development.

Visit your kid at school

It could mean a lot to your kids if you can occasionally visit them at school. Of course, your work schedule will not allow you to do that most of the time. But, whenever you can, go for it. Your presence can encourage them in many ways. They will be happy, full of other positive emotions, and most importantly, they will feel safer. Also, if you can, pick them up after school or ask your partner to do so. These “small” things can impact their shyness massively, and sooner or later, they can help your kid to get rid of it.

Help them at home

Most of the time, it is easier for shy children to develop new skills at home. They will feel less pressure in a quiet place like home. Therefore, you can organize online tutoring classes, and also, work together with them. Do some painting together or help them with math homework. Give them every possible chance to practice, but don’t pressure them too much. Try to figure out what is the best pace for their current age, and don’t push them to achieve more than they realistically can. Doing things the right way will boost their confidence. Hence, there are high chances that they will overcome the shyness.

Reward them when necessary

Sure, one of the essentials of education is pointing out mistakes and showing how to fix them. However, parents sometimes overlook that they have to reward their (shy) kids when they accomplish something great. That is maybe the most excellent way of boosting confidence and providing additional motivation. For instance, buy them their favorite chocolate or football jersey when they come home with an A grade.

Always listen to your kid

There are no right words to explain how vital this step is. To build confidence, your kids have to know that they can talk to you anytime about various subjects. At an early age, parents should be their closest friends. Therefore, it is essential to give them a listening ear. Also, by listening to them carefully, you will be able to understand all their challenges and thoughts. That is the only way to be fully aware of their potential frustrations, in which case, you have to react and tell them what to do to overcome such things.

Children have different obstacles throughout the early days of school, not only shy kids. However, if your kid shows signs of shyness, remember that you are the one who can do a lot more work than teachers.

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