best spots to visit in scandinavia

Best Spots to Visit in Scandinavia

Beautiful scenery, snow-covered landscapes, towering mountains, and a tranquil lake.

Whenever somebody mentions Scandinavia or Northern Europe in general, the first thing that comes to mind is the chilly weather. Nonetheless, this cultural and historical region, including Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark, is known for so much more. This northern area will leave you amazed with many of the world’s greatest environmental assets and surrounding beauty, guaranteeing you an absolute blast with plenty of wonderful sites to explore. Here are the best places to visit in Scandinavia that would leave you wanting to come again.

Preikestolen, Norway

Each hike always has a payoff at the end. Some are more massive and stunning than many others, including Preikestolen in Norway. The flat-topped bluff towers over the crystal blue waters of the Lysefjord beneath, rising slightly under two thousand feet. Only a short but steep trail leads to the granite plateau, which might take approximately three hours to ascend.

The Preikestolen is Norway’s greatest and famous sight and one of nature’s most remarkable geological formations. Don’t forget to bring along your smartphone for the view because standing on the brink of a cliff to get the perfect shot can give you a real rush of adrenaline. The beautiful scenery once you reach the summit would be worth the long hike.

Flam, Norway

The famed Flam Line passes through fjords and magnificent mountains as it travels from Myrdal to Flam. The one-hour journey, which rises from the beaches of Aurlandsfjord and climbs higher than just about any other normal-gauge train on the planet, is among Norway’s most famous tourist destinations. 

flam, norway

Passengers may look out the window and witness numerous waterfalls with raging rivers that slice through deep ravines, along with a journey through tunnels that snakes through the mountain. It may not be necessary to take the train but strongly suggested. If you travel to Flam, the Brekkefossen waterfall is an approximately 3-hour round-trip hike.

Koli National Park, Finland

The Koli National Park’s sceneries are not just beautiful but also inspirational. The breath-taking vistas from the Koli Hills, voted as the greatest hiking destination in Finland in 2013, have inspired many notable painters. The park’s hiking trails weave across hundreds of years, moss-covered woods, through waterfalls, and meadow-like clearings, totalling nearly 80 kilometres.

Take the trek up Ukko-Koli Hill, and you’ll be greeted with the most pleasing sight in Finland – the vista of Lake Pielinen – once you reach the peak, which is almost 350 metres above sea level. Climb the trekking trail up Paha-Koli Hill if you wish to relax and admire the wonders of the planet. At the summit, you’ll discover Finland’s most renowned view: a big protruding rock where you may take a break and take in the amazing views of the lake beneath.

Arctic Circle, Norway

The Arctic Circle runs across Helgeland, separating the globe from the Land of the Midnight Sun. Arctic Norway, homeland to the historic Sami tribes, is one of Scandinavia’s most picturesque destinations. This magnificent Midnight Sun welcomes you in this area throughout the lengthy summertime, while the Northern Lights embrace you during the long winter evenings. Adventurers visiting Arctic Norway will have a blast ascending the region’s many peaks, including the huge Torghatten and the Lyngen Alps. Other tourist attractions include cosy fishing communities, archipelagos, and the beautiful Svalbard islands. 

arctic circle

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi will undoubtedly be your fantasy paradise if you visit Scandinavia in the winter. Rovaniemi is one of the finest destinations to visit in Scandinavia and is known as the birthplace of Santa Claus. If you’ve been meaning to witness the beauty of the Aurora Borealis or northern lights, which can be seen for 200 nights each year, then Rovaniemi is the exact place to go. The Arktikum Museum adds to the excitement of visiting the site and learning more about the Finnish cultural past. The city also has serviceable buildings built around the river and is one of the city’s popular highlights.

Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, Sweden’s biggest island, is located in the Baltic Sea and accessible by a three-hour ferry trip from the mainland. Visby, a magnificently preserved mediaeval town, is the centrepiece. Its maze of small cobblestone lanes, timbered homes, and fortified walls are indeed a treat to wander as it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

However, the remainder of the island is as enticing, with kilometres of pristine beaches and green trees. As Gotland is relatively flat, you can try renting a bike and cycle across the island, stopping along the way at charming rural towns, little fishing villages, cafes, and local farms.

Gotland would become the party centre for several weeks during summer, as most of Stockholm’s people decamped around the beach to tan themselves. However, it’s a nice, low-key rural idyll for most of the year.

Gudhjem, Denmark

Gudhjem is a Baltic Sea town known for its magnificent chalk cliffs, verdant woods, and perfect white sandy beaches. A windmill crowns the descending alleys and partially-timbered buildings. Constructed into the rugged terrain and up the Bokul Mountain range, this is Denmark’s lone mountain town. Climbing the hillside presents you with the beautiful scenery of the town, its red rooftops, the port, and the sea below.

Ring Road, Iceland

Iceland, commonly known as the Land of Fire and Ice, contains many of the world’s most diverse—and breath-taking landscapes in the world. The right way to look at it is to take a nice long drive around the Ring Road, a winding road that encircles the island and links you to the country’s best sights. This includes Reynisfjara, a black-sand beach with permanent puffin colonies, and the wonderful Goafoss waterfall.

However, don’t limit yourself to the road and hike up the active volcano and glacial on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. If you want something relaxing, let loose in the waves of the Blue Lagoon, a renowned geothermal spa hidden among the lava field.

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