Blogging and Mobile Phones

Blogging and Mobile Phones

The Best Blogging Advice for Mobile Users: 5 Ideas that Help

While it’s quite obvious that blogging is picking up the pace in terms of a full-time profession, the interesting part is that it isn’t restricted anymore to desktops and laptops. With mobile users indulging in full-time blogging, the signs are pretty encouraging for the entire community. Moreover, the availability of used and refurbished smartphones at extremely competitive prices via online stores like Togofogo is also instrumental when it comes to increasing the number of bloggers, regardless of the niche. In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about a lot of aspects in regards to blogging— including the best ways to blog from smartphones besides gauging the possible opportunities for an upcoming blogger who only has access to a mobile handset.

Why Blogging from Mobile Phones is Gaining Popularity?

While starting an entire blog on mobile might sound impractical, it is quite easy to pick up momentum and keep posting once the basic foundation is laid. Platforms like WordPress are extremely intuitive and user-friendly and do not even require bigger interfaces to work with. Moreover, with the modern-day content strategy becoming extremely minimalistic, mobile phones are best options for any blogger, irrespective of the domain he or she is interested in. Keeping every aspect aside, we need to hail the rise of the refurbished smartphone market as the major motivating factor behind the growth of mobile-specific blogging. This inclination has eventually popularized short-term formats for the bloggers while keeping customizable themes in close proximity. What’s interesting to note is that Google is increasingly vouching in favor of decreased word counts for blogs and this is where mobile-centric activities come into play. Therefore, the increased global adoption of smartphones followed by the changing blogging trends has in a way improved the opportunities for mobile bloggers.

Here are some of the best ideas which can be implemented almost immediately, in regards to mobile blogging:

1. Make use of Blogging Applications

The best approach towards mobile blogging is to make use of some bankable mobile applications which can easily make life easier for a prospective blogger. WordPress for iOS is one such application that can be used to publish text, videos, and photos directly from the device. In addition to that, CoveritLive is yet another app that focuses precisely on marketing and allows bloggers to collaborate with each other. Moreover, this app can also be used to embed live chat within the blog. Lastly, for someone interested in checking the progress of the blog, Quicklytics from Google is a great app to fall back upon.

2. Rely on Email Blogging

For someone with an already created blog, it is probably the easiest approach to send over posts via emails. The only thing the blogger needs to do is to tweak the admin settings and allow posts to be published. However, a bit of practice is required when it comes to understanding the post title, body text, and the font selections.

3. Use Flickr for Photo Blogging

While we did talk about posting stuff via emails, Flickr is also a highly competent mobile platform for the photobloggers. In case a person blogs in the form of snaps and pictures, this tool can be extremely useful as its mobile compatible and allows the blogger to post stuff over a dedicated interface and even the blog, all the same time. This platform also offers a post-using -email feature for minimizing hassles.

4. Video Blogging using Mobile

Besides factual and photographic content, there are certain bloggers who prefer working with videos. This is where mobile phones can help courtesy the evolution of YouTube and WordPress. Video blogging, therefore, has simplified the manner in which bloggers can upload snippets and special occurrences into the blogs. However, instead of conventional blogging sources like laptops and desktops, mobile phones are better choices for adding videos into the mix because it is very easy and simple to add, edit and publish the videos.

5. Event Blogging Flexibilities

As mentioned previously, CoveritLive is one powerful mobile blogging platform that allows bloggers to collaborate with each other, right across the globe. Moreover, event blogging is something that requires extensive coverage and nothing beats a mobile phone in this regard.

As mentioned, building and maintaining a blog using a smartphone is probably the easiest approach to blogging. However, these are some of the ideas which can be implemented perfectly in order to get the most out of a blogging platform. Not just that, mobile phones are highly accessible and can be carried around with ease, which eventually makes them the best blogging tools. The event blogging flexibilities are great for those people who are looking for extensive and clear easily accessible mobile smartphones online at the best price. However, the tools like cover it Lite is great to use effectively online.

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