5 Businesses Which Need Premium Broadband Plans

Not all broadband connections are alike.  Most of the time, ISPs promise fast and reliable internet, however, it would all depend on your subscription.  And some businesses, more than others, would require stronger and faster internet connection which means a need for premium broadband plans.  Let’s get to know what businesses are and check out if your company is one of them.

Call And Chat Centers

Inbound and outbound communications are the lifeblood of this business therefore, a fast, stable, and reliable internet connection is a must.  These companies allocate a huge budget for premium broadband plans because, after all, this is what their business is all about.  If the internet slows down or drops-out, it greatly affects the performance and productivity of their agents.  Should a phone call drop while in the middle of an important transaction, expect a very unhappy, if not upset customer, and this would affect the credibility of the company.  Longer  call waiting times are also a result of a slow internet connection.

Trading Company

Brokers could win or lose in a matter of seconds, and so it is imperative for traders to secure a really good internet connection during trading hours.  Trading companies and Day Traders are always on guard and must act quickly because the market is highly volatile, and a single second may mean a huge potential loss especially to their investors.  If the internet is fluctuating, they would not be able to trade properly, and potential earnings that may sometimes equate to millions of dollars could be lost if the traders won’t have the ability to quickly respond and move their investor’s assets.

Web Hosting Companies

Of course, from the name itself, it is quite obvious that these companies are 100% internet dependent.  Not only that they need to stay online to keep their servers live and connected on a constant basis, they could not afford outages and down-times since their client’s websites rely on their services.  If their server is down, it would also directly affect their client’s businesses.  Therefore, a premium subscription is important.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms are all broadband dependent.  They have centralised systems that hold all the personal and financial records of each client, aside from the company’s transactions within the database.  They even spend millions on firewalls to protect their data, as all transactions and activities can be accessed in a single click with the help of the internet.  By subscribing to premium broadband plans, they do not only protect all the money that is being entrusted to them by their clients, but also help them provide fast and efficient services.

Internet Marketing Services

What good is your business if you can’t even be the best at what you’re offering?  As the name suggests, internet marketing is indeed internet dependent.  This growing industry is one of the most essential forms of driving new customers to the business by building brands and products online.  Internet marketing companies, hence, rely on a good internet connection to keep them connected to their clients, manage social media, ad campaigns and viral content.  A slow and fluctuating internet connection is detrimental to their productivity and efficiency in delivering their tasks.

If you own or manage any of these types of businesses, you should consider getting the best broadband connection available.  Your income and productivity actually depends on it.

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