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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Office Furniture For Your New Workplace

Sprucing up office furniture at least once in a few years not only helps enhance the look and feel of the work environment but also ensures that old furniture beyond repair is retired in a timely manner. Buying office furniture for the workplace is, therefore, an ongoing process that needs to be handled in a more thoughtful manner so that the furniture serves the purpose and fits the budget as well apart from being visually pleasing too!

There are quite a few things that you have to keep in mind when choosing office furniture, especially for your new workplace.


Buying the right kind of furniture for a new workplace is bound to be a significant investment. It is important to arrive at a budget and of course not overspend. Make sure you do not compromise on the quality or comfort factors as they are quite important in the long run.

In addition to the price, it is also important to factor in the total cost of ownership, which typically includes installation /assembling costs, customizations, and eventually any repairs over the functional life of the piece.

Floor Space

Measure the floor with a tape to get the accurate size of the space as visual estimates in most cases are not precise.  It is also important to have the office layout plan drawn up in advance to determine the size of every piece of furniture so that it fits neatly in place. Do make note of the size of the stairway/doorway too as you must be able to get the furniture into the office without causing any damage to the infrastructure or the stuff.


The design, size and color of the furniture pieces must fit in with the overall décor of the place.  The ambiance must feel welcome and in tune with the work culture of your firm.  Staying with a timeless design makes sure that the office space is always appealing and never feels outdated/ ancient. If you are planning to go in for trendy furniture, you may have to keep pace with changing trends at least once a while or be ready to splurge on every new trend!

Ergonomic Comfort

All furniture that looks good need not be comfortable, especially office chairs. Ergonomic chairs make sure that your staff can work for long hours without a hurting neck, back or shoulder.  They must feel at home but not too cozy to doze off during work!  Height adjustable chairs/desks are ideal as they can be set to the right height. Similarly, chairs fitted with wheels speed up accessibility and facilitate reach without much movement/effort for those on the desk job.

Core Space

Note that the workstation or the desk must be spacious enough for employees to do their regular tasks without feeling cramped or stuffy.  Desk designs must be equipment-friendly; accommodate a laptop, desktop, telephone, fax-machine, power/network cords etc. Individual workstations must also have sufficient storage space for office-related files and personal belongings as well.  Core space design is key to employee morale and productivity!


Office furniture typically includes large shelves/cupboards/ file cabinets to store physical records. With most offices going digital, you may still need a few of them.  Opt for suitably designed units so that they do not hamper the visual continuity of the office space, especially in an open office layout.


If you plan to demarcate your office space, consider not just the working areas but also rest areas and toilet partitions when planning the layout of your workplace. Choose a layout with appropriate dimensions that offers enough privacy for employees to do their work, as well as creating a pleasant working environment to interact with each other.

Office Layout

You will have to pick out furniture that best meets the functional needs of the workplace. Furniture in the Reception areas must create the right impression as it is open to visitors. Stylish stationary chairs or even a row of steel-finished seating could prove impressive. Similarly, the Conference/Boardroom should sport a professional look, without looking too grim.  Desks and chairs at the manager’s cabin often look distinctly different than that of an employee on a desk job.

Lighting and Free Space

Remember that clunky pieces of furniture tend to block out light and also the free space at the workplace. The furniture design and placement on the office floor can make a lot of difference on how the place looks and feels. The work environment must not only be comfortable and functional but equally pleasant and appealing to enhance the productivity of your workforce.


Choose pieces of furniture that are easy to maintain over the long run.  They must be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear as well as easy to clean on a regular basis.

Team Up With Your Local Manufacturer

Working with a local furniture manufacturer can prove beneficial in several ways, especially with custom designs and installations. For instance, it is definitely easier to procure furniture from an Office Furniture manufacturer if you are planning to set shop there. With a manufacturing unit close by it is possible to select, customize, install furniture and get to business in a speedy manner. Your Office Furniture manufacturer in Noida is also just phone call away should you need any post-installation services or even make last-minute changes to your order. You may also get to save on transportation charges as well!

As far as possible ensure that furniture is made from eco-friendly material, and that paints/chemicals used to treat/finish the pieces are not hazardous in any way! Settle for furniture with rounded edges as they not only look elegant but also are less dangerous even if you accidentally bump into them.

Office furniture is symbolic of your profession and industry. It is important to furnish your new office accordingly. However, there can be no compromises when it comes to safety, ergonomics, utility or quality when selecting office furniture for it these aspects that directly influence both your workforce and clients.

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