Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Aesthetic

If you’re like me, you’ve been seeing more and more minimalist inspiration on social media. But achieving the look can be difficult when you’re starting with a more “maximalist” lifestyle. Here are some tips to start working towards the aesthetic you want.

KonMari Your Belongings

If you’re not familiar, Marie Kondo is a famous organizer and has written many books on the subject. The method she has created is called KonMari. It differs from other methods by encouraging you to go through your items based on what it is instead of where it is. For example, you go through ALL of your clothing items in your house at once instead of starting in a specific room.

This method also recommends that you only keep items that spark joy in your heart and discard everything else. If this seems a little too extreme, you can always rent a storage unit to keep the items and furniture that you know you’ll have use for later. This way they won’t inhibit your style,  but you have the option of reuniting with them later down the line.

It can be hard to part with items that have been a part of your life for a long time. It is important to keep things in your life that make you happy. The minimalist look is meant to bring peace and relaxation to your home. If you feel as though getting rid of your possessions is a detriment, you may not want to proceed with the minimalist look.

Choose a Pallet

An important aspect of minimalism is the color scheme. When designing, you will want to choose a fairly neutral color pallet. Most minimalist spaces consist of a pallet of black, white, grey, or beige. Others consist of mostly neutral colors with a pop of a bright pink or blue. The important thing to remember is that the more colors you add, the more chaotic and cluttered things will feel, according to minimalism theory. If you truly want to stick with a minimalist look you want as few colors as possible. In some extreme examples, people have designed spaces with only a single color.

Minimalist Maintenance

After you have completely redesigned your space, it is important to remember that maintaining the look will continue to take effort. Whenever you want to add something new to the space you have to ask yourself if it fits the look of your home. Taking a moment to reflect on this should reduce how often you buy things on a whim.  Therefore, having a minimalist home can, in theory, help you purchase more expensive items since you keep saving money by bringing less things into your space.

Whatever your current style may be, hopefully this article helped you determine if the minimalist look is for you. It can help someone with a busy and chaotic life have some zen and calm. When you are done with a stressful day, that’s often all you desire.

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