Chiller Rental Companies: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that there are over 6,000 hospitals in the nation? Hospitals are a critical area of our public health system that provides access to medical care promptly at all hours of the day. When problems with equipment arise, it can be detrimental for patients and staff.

Chillers are machines that help keep hospitals’ HVAC systems working and temperatures at a comfortable level round the clock. The benefit of chillers is that they are multi-functional, effective, and come in various types.

Chiller rental companies can offer your peace of mind by having ready-to-go temporary chillers at all hours. Are you still interested? We have put together a complete guide on why you need a chiller rental company and what to look for in temporary chillers, so keep reading for more information!

What Is a Chiller?

A chiller is a machine that helps cool products or different machinery. Typically, this process is completed through circulating water or other types of liquid.

Through this method, heat is redirected away from the products and usually distributed outside the facility. Portable chillers work slightly differently from central chillers, but the concept stays the same. You need a chiller in an industrial or manufacturing plant since excessive heat can damage your plant or products.

Where else are chillers found?

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Food distribution plants
  • Hospitals

You can find chillers in any industry where the equipment emits heat. High heat can raise indoor temperatures to dangerous levels and harm workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have created new laws and regulations on indoor heat levels.

In addition to allowing adequate rest and water intake, indoor temperatures should range between 68° F and 78° F. Most heatstroke illnesses occur in outdoor temperatures. Without functioning chillers, the temperatures in manufacturing plants can quickly pose health risks.

How Does a Chiller Work?

There are two types of chillers: air-cooled or water-cooled. Depending on your usage, you can also pick between portable chillers and central chillers.

Chillers mainly work through a pumping system. Coolant pumps through the system, which pulls heat from the area surrounding machinery, and warm fluid circulates back through the system. The entire process continuously converts from gas to liquid, also known as the refrigeration cycle.

Air-cooled chillers use air to condense hot air or gas into a liquid. Air-cooled systems can be located within the building or just outside. Water-cooled chillers use a cooling tower that distributes water to cool the refrigerant through evaporation.

Portable Chillers

The benefit of portable chillers is just that – they are portable. You can transfer them between facilities and plants, or you can set them up more permanently in an indoor setting. They are sometimes called temporary chillers and are used in emergencies.

If your permanent chiller breaks down, you want something that you can quickly set up without extensive installation and cost. Chiller rental companies can offer temporary chillers on a 24/7 basis since emergencies don’t always happen during working hours.

The best temporary or portable chillers will be trailer-mounted and ready for immediate delivery. They are also adaptable to the environment they are needed in, such as refineries, hospitals, and more. High-end portable chillers can combine multiple units, have a single power connection, and are cost-friendly.

There are a few other things you should keep in mind with portable chillers:

  • Require floor set-up
  • Can be noisy
  • Can cost more than central chillers

Do your research first, including measuring your floor space and ensuring you have enough room. If a company offers outdoor chillers, make sure you inquire first if you don’t have the room for an indoor portable option.

Remember – costs can sometimes be more than central chillers, but you should never sacrifice quality. Contact the company and ask about their credentials, reviews, and options before deciding.

Why You Need Temporary Chiller Services

Did you know that excessive heat kills around 600 people each year? Effective HVAC systems are one way to keep temperatures cool indoors and avoid illness, injury, or death. It is one of the main reasons you need a temporary chiller rental company on hand.

Other reasons you might need chiller services are:

  • Equipment outage
  • High production demand
  • Compensate for summer months
  • New construction projects
  • Special events

You need a chiller service company on hand when disasters arise and scheduled projects to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Cooling Tower Rentals

Cooling towers are needed in emergencies involving water-cooled systems. The best cooling tower rentals will have the capacity for handling multiple tons. They will also include single or multi-unit configurations for the ultimate flexibility and customization.

HVAC systems use cooling towers where there are multiple sources of heat pumps. Two main types of cooling towers can work with these systems:

  • Wet cooling
  • Fluid cooling

You can contact your local chiller rental company to find the chiller rental service your system needs.

Central Chillers

Central chillers are permanent equipment used in facilities. It requires extensive and professional installation and cannot be moved. There are a few pros with central chillers, including:

  • Outdoor installation
  • Less noise
  • Cost-friendly

The drawback of central chillers versus renting from a company is that it doesn’t work as well with precise cooling. Additionally, you don’t have any backup options if they break down.

Finding Chiller Rental Companies

Chiller rental companies can offer you temporary chillers for short or long-term use. Finding chiller services with 24/7 access ensures you can have a chiller at your facility if there are unexpected outages or damage to your central chiller.

You don’t have to wait for disasters to arise – the next time you up production or accommodate the hot summer months, call on the professionals. And if you are interested in renting other types of equipment, be sure and check out the rest of our website for other cost-friendly and quality rentals.

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