The Ultimate Guide to Styling your Beard in 12 Steps

Nothing makes a bold statement about you than your beard. A nice trimmed beard that is thick and neat serves to accentuate your facial look and public outlook. Identifying which style suits your face is important. Not all styles can bring out the complete handsomeness in you. In case you haven’t figured which style best suits your face, you need not worry.  According to you can use wahl sterling mag trimmer for the best beard trim. Here is a guide for you on how to style your beard perfectly in a fitting manner.

It takes discipline and patience in order to identify and maintain a suitable beard. The following 12 steps will enable you to style your beard in the best way.

Identify the shape of your face

The structure or landscape of your head is what determines which style of beard you should wear. Take a look in the mirror to examine where you belong. Identify whether the shape of your face is square, round, rectangular or oval. For a square face, you should keep the beard thick and full on the chin but short on the sides. For a round face, the beard should be longer on the bottom and short on the sides. For a rectangular face, it should be long and thick on sides but short at the bottom. An oval face has the advantage of accommodating styles from the other shapes.

Allow the beard to grow

Before styling the beard, be patient and give it time to grow. Give it three to five weeks to grow in order to figure out its complete and exact shape. By knowing the shape, you will know how to style it. Don’t trim or shave.

Apply beard oil

As your beard is growing, you might notice some patchiness or roughness. If such is the case, beard oil will serve a meaningful purpose. When applied, it will serve to moisturize the facial hair and the skin. This will provide a healthy environment for the beard to grow in length and thickness without hair breakage.

Keep the beard clean

Ensure that you rinse your beard thoroughly. This will enhance your beard to be softer and easy to control. It will serve to prevent oil produced by the facial skin from accumulating by washing it away. Importantly, cleaning will serve to eradicate beard dandruff.

Trim your beard to refine edges

Use beard trimming tools to trim the beard. In case you don’t have, invest in them or pay a visit to your favorite barber. Refine the edges of the beard precisely. Remove the hair above natural line of the cheekbone until it maintains a uniform shape from ear to ear.

Shave the hair along your neck

Apply the shaving cream and function the razor from the bottom of your neck upwards. This will help to avoid razor burns and ingrown hairs. Ensure that the razor is disinfected for the purpose of killing germs and making the blade safe.

Trim your beard to an appropriate length and thickness

Set the guard to the number that you want your beard size to take. This will depend on whether you want to have a thin short beard or a bulky beard. Use the appropriate guard number for purposely to avoid shaving too much.

Style the beard to the shape of your face

Having completed the above steps, your beard is now ready to be tuned to any style that will match the shape of your head. Be it goatee or van dyke style, among other numerous styles.

Apply shampoo to your beard

Choose the appropriate shampoo depending on the size of your beard. Apply it once a week because if you apply daily it will end up drying your beard. The shampoo helps to remove itchy feeling after shaving and trimming the beard. Importantly, it will make your striking beard style look clean and smell good.

Apply beard balm to your style

Beard balm will help to maintain your style by softening the beard. It will also prevent split ends on your beard. It will ensure that your beard looks healthy and soft.

Blow-dry the bead

Use the blow dryer while your hair is slightly wet. Dry up the beard in the direction that you have shaped it. This will make the beard look appealing.

Apply the comb to end the styling process

Use a wooden comb because it does not produce static electricity, which might end up breaking your new beard style. Combing helps to evenly put your beard at the shape. Daily combing will prevent your beard from curling. It will maintain your beard neat and smooth.

Closing Remarks

You deserve a splendid beard style that matches the shape of your head. The above steps will lead you to identify and apply the best beard style.


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