Beginner’s Guide: Different Types of Dump Trucks and Their Uses

Dump trucks are used mostly for taking and transporting dumps from construction sites as well as coal. It is also used to transport large volumes of loose materials that also includes gravel, ores,sand, dirt as well as demolition waste from mining and major construction sites.

A standard dump truck, also known as tipper truck and equipped with an open-box bed. It is hinged at the end part and features hydraulic rams that lifts the front of part of the truck allowing the material inside the bed to be “dumped”  on the ground behind the truck. Originally, dump trucks were developed in the farms of western Europe during the late 19th century to serve as a tipper mechanism.

Interestingly, business in the dump truck industry is a thriving and lucrative business. Dump truck drives can earn around $37,000 a year. Owner operators can get as much as $40,000 to $197,000 via their dump truck business. Operating cost is however expensive. It depends largely on the price of fuel, with an average of 5 to 6 miles per gallon. Dump trucks for sale cost anywhere  between $30,000 to $40,000 for second hand vehicles while top of the line brands can go as high as $100,000 second hand. New models on the other hand sell around $100,000 to $150,000.

A Close Look Into Dump Trucks

A standard dump truck is a truck chassis that features a dump body that is mounted to the frame. Standard dump trucks in the United States feature a single front steering axle and a 4×2 4-wheeler. In some cases, there are two 6×4 6-wheeler rear axles with dual wheels on each side. It’s rear axle is usually rated at 46,000 pounds.

There are different types of dump trucks with different types of functions to consider before you decide to choose and purchase a dump truck for sale. Knowing the types and the specific functions that they offer gives you better judgement on the best purchase available for your needs. Although the standard dump truck always seems to be the preferred choice, there are plenty of other types, with a variety of applications that can make the job easier for you. Below are seven of the most common types of dump trucks available in the market. Understand the different functions and unique features it possesses to help you decide on the perfect dump truck fit for your job requirements.

Common Types of Dump Trucks and What They Offer

Standard Dump Trucks

The standard dump trucks are the most basic type of dump trucks we see on the roads and in construction sites. It features a mounted and moving bed together with a front steering axle and a rear steering axle. Some of the common dump trucks feature two rear steering axles that allows them to support more weight in the bed of the truck.

Standard dump trucks are usually smaller with smaller wheelbases, making them easier to maneuver, even with heavy loads to consider. However, the small body limits the amount of load allowed into their beds. If you are to transport in a rather challenging route, a standard dump truck is the best solution.

Transfer Dump Trucks

Transfer dump trucks feature the same characteristics as the standard dump truck. However, it features a separate trailer that is attached to the movable and detachable bed. It is the most popular type of dump truck available in construction sites. These types of trucks are ideal for carrying asphalt, gravel, wood chips together with the usual dirt loads.

The average tonnage a transfer dump truck can carry is around 25 tons. It is the ideally the best option for job sites that have tighter dumping areas, mostly in residential job areas. It is also ideal for small to mid size aggregate as well as asphalt deliveries. Transfer dump trucks can be also used as 10 wheelers.

Semi Trailer Bottom Dump Trucks

Semi trailer bottom dump trucks are the ideal transport vehicle for materials that are required to be placed in vertical heaps. It features a three-axle vehicle with two additional axles attached to the three-axle. A lot of semi trailer bottom dump trucks are shaped like clam shells which makes it easier to stack and manipulate heaps easier.

The semi trailer end dump truck features a more specific use and it is one of the best options to easily unload the container through its bottom part via a linear manner. The arrangement of the trailer makes it possible to load very large materials compared to a standard dump truck. Roadway constructions where large amounts of gravel are required to be laid out over a longer distance would be best executed with a semi trailer bottom dump truck compared to the usual dump trucks that carry dirt.

Double/Triple Trailer Bottom

The double or triple trailer bottom dump truck is the best choice of transport for hauling materials that needs to stay together. They feature a single axle with a semi trailer attached to the main vehicle. The payload is often lower compared to other dump trucks. However, the length makes it a bit challenging to maneuver in tight spots.

Side Dump Truck

Side dump trucks feature a more complicated configuration wherein the trailer is rigidly attached to the truck. The trailer can be also hitched to the truck separately. Materials in the load can be dumped through its entire length of the contained dumping. It relies on a single back door that provides efficiency in the system. However, an inexperienced operator may have a hard tipe unloading the material and can easily tip the trailer if they prematurely unload the material inside the truck.

Also known as SDT, the machine features hydraulic rams that control the shifting and the tilting of the dump bed on the side. Dumping can be done either on the left side or the right side of the body of the truck. A two-axle semi trailer is attached to a three-axle vehicle body, side dump trucks are the perfect go to transport for materials that requires quick loading and unloading.

Super Dump

The super dump truck is similar to standard dump trucks but features a trailing axle that is liftable and can extend in lengths starting from the front axle to the rear part of the body. Higher payloads that are within road regulations with a certain amount of road contact in relations to the payload. Super dump trucks are called that way because they provide an extra amount of load capable of loading more than an average dump truck offers.

The load beading axles of the super dump truck is rated as high as 13,000 lbs. This makes it easier for these types of trucks to facilitate heavy duty jobs. The trailing axles of these machines together with its load-bearing axle allows it to carry increased gross weight.

Dump trucks are the best material transport vehicles perfect for heavy duty jobs in construction, mining and road work. They are considered to be special heavy-duty vehicles that transport materials from one construction site to another. Using the right type of dump truck makes it easier to transfer heavy loads of material efficiently, fast, safe and systematically.

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