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Do’s And Dont’s With Your Menstrual Cup And On Your Period

There are a lot of activities that you want to do even during your period. Other women still do things that they feel to do. However, we should not forget that there are things that no matter how much we want it to happen are not suitable for our health. When you are on your menstruation week, it is very unlikely to move, and you can’t figure out the right mood that you should have.

It is very crucial that you have to be careful about what you eat and what you do or else you will suffer the consequence. I list down all the do’s and dont’s during your period and when you are wearing your menstrual cup. In that way, you can have a better period experience.

Do Not Wear Pads or Tampons For So Long

We hate to change our tampons and pads every now and then, especially when we are at work. We only have limited time to go to the bathroom, that is why we tend not to change it, especially when it is not yet full. However, it is not a good doing on your period, it can cause the bacteria to stay in your vagina, and unpleasant odor will build up. It is usually the reason why many women are suffering from bacterial vaginosis.

If you can’t afford to spend so much time at the bathroom, choosing a menstrual cup as your period partner is the best thing to do. It can hold your menstrual flow up to 12 hours a day without causing bacteria to build up. It is inserted to your vagina which allows it to breathe and keep your vagina dry and away from bacteria.

Avoid To Eat Dairy And Salty Food

We cannot deny it, girls, when we are on our period, we crave a lot. We usually want to eat that food that is salty and sweet or dairy food. Cheese, macaroni, spaghetti, massive cream name it all, however, no matter how much you want it to be in your mouth it is not suitable for you. Especially during your menstruation because it can cause so much pain, cramps in your lower abdomen that leads you to be easily irritated. You don’t want that to happen when you still have to do a lot of work. Stop all the cravings and come back to your senses and eat what is right.

Do Not Drink Coffee

Who does not want to coffee early in the morning? Of course, most of us like to sip a hot coffee to keep your day going but not on your menstruation. Skip it, or else you will suffer the pain all day. Caffeine can cause cramps, and you will be bloated, so avoid a cup of coffee and instead drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated. Make it happen for one week only, and surely you will have a very productive day even on your period.

Do Not Skip Your Workout!

When it is your period, your body is heavy, and all you want is to sleep all day long or to be on your couch with food in your hand and watch the movies you want. Being on your menstruation is not an excuse to be lazy. You still have to stand up, go to the gym, or even do your workouts at home. You can have a walk, or you can also run, move your body so that your blood can circulate well. The more you move and sweat, the more you feel good and energized. So keep moving even during your period.

Do Not Smoke and Avoid Drinking Alcohol

I get it when you say that you need to smoke to ease all the discomforts and anxiety you feel. But avoid doing it during your menstruation no matter how much you want to be relaxed while smoking. The truth is, smoking and drinking alcohol do not relax your body. It is only in your mind, and these things are bad for you. It leads you to some diseases such as lung cancer and liver diseases. Stop smoking and drink moderately not only on your period but every time.


We have to accept that women need to menstruate; it is a way of our body to remove all the toxins and allows fertilization to bear a child. It is not a punishment, so stop forcing yourself to believe that menstruation is a nightmare. You have to practice to live a healthy life to avoid all the pain that you might feel because of what you eat and what you do to your body during your period. What you invest is what you get, therefore make sure to avoid these things and have a happy period, ladies!

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