exterior home improvement ideas

Exterior Home Improvement Ideas

An update to your home exterior will assist with boosting your home’s curb appeal. As the style and condition of your home are as important as ever nowadays with increased competition in the housing market, it is vital to ensure that you spruce up your home exterior at any given opportunity. After all, the state your home exterior is in will not only affect the value of your home, however, it will impact the perceptions others have of it. The inside of your home could be extremely beautiful and well looked after, however, if this is not maintained on the outside of your home, it could seriously harm the overall perception and opinion of your property from others. Therefore, we are here to assist! Let’s jump straight into some exterior home improvement ideas that will be sure to boost your curb appeal and help you stand out from neighbours.

Clean or replace gutters

Gutters have a life expectancy of up to 40 years, which is quite a while! However, especially within the UK, and other countries that experience extreme weather conditions at certain points throughout the year, they can become damaged, meaning that there is a need for renewal. As your gutter is never in your direct path or eye level, it is important to occasionally inspect them as inaccurate performance could ultimately lead to roof damage. Alongside this, they can gather quite a build-up of dirt and mold over time and often need replenishment. Replacing or cleaning your gutters could have a dramatic improvement to your home exterior so it is definitely worth investing in. Click here to contact gutter cleaning specialists.

Invest in an extension

Quite often, the reason that homeowners avoid carrying out home exterior renovations is due to cost factors, and we would have to agree with you there, they can be extremely pricey. However, some of the costliest features can be the most beneficial. Let’s look at extensions for example. The price of your extension will come down to the location of your home, the size and style of extension you wish to go for, and the professional company that is carrying out the job. And to put figures into perspective for you, a two-storey, 40 square meter extension in the UK can cost, on average, £48,000-£76,000. However, these costs can often outweigh the hassle of searching for a new home and relocating. Extensions are particularly popular for larger families who are often expanding. Instead of moving to a larger property, which may not be ideal considering the current inflation of the UK housing market, their home can be easily expanded, with confirmation of planning permission, adding an advantageous aspect to their home exterior. For a modernised touch, cladding or even a balcony could be added to the extension for extra style and worth.

Add comfort to your garden area

Another exterior home improvement idea is a project that most homeowners will find enjoyable, particularly if they have an eye for interior design and love picking out new furniture pieces for their home interior. Why not bring your home interior outside and create an outdoor living area? This is the perfect alternative for the summer months when sitting in your living room is becoming slightly overrated and boring. Not to mention, if you select and purchase your outdoor furniture during the right time, for example during the off-season, when outdoor furniture is not in as high demand, the prices will be relatively cheaper. This means that furniture that is normally priced at over £1,000 can easily be purchased for around £700, or cheaper! Once your furnishings are set up in your front or back garden area, be sure to regularly maintain and clean them to prolong their life expectancy. They will truly add comfort and affluence to your property.

Greenery maintenance

A green garden demonstrates a healthy and full-of-life garden. Green is a colour that can energise any given area it is located within; therefore, it is important to maintain the flowers, plants, trees, and grass within your garden with regular upkeep. We know that gardening is a hobby for some, however, it is not for everyone, and sometimes homeowners have such a busy schedule that gardening simply does not remain on their agenda. However, there are alternative solutions! A brilliant exterior home improvement idea is artificial grass, it is a perfect alternative to real grass and it looks a whole lot better too! Having a professional install artificial grass means that you can finally get rid of the rusty old lawnmower in your garage as it is no longer needed, and your grass will be in perfect condition all of the time! Instead of opting for real plants, you can also take the artificial route for these too. Two tall artificial palm trees at either side of your front door will truly make the entrance to your home look full of life.

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