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7 Reasons to Go “Luxury” with Your Car Rental

There’s a whole host of reasons that you’d decide to rent a car. It could be for a special occasion, to drive yourself around on vacation, or as a means of transport to and from a professional or other one-off event. Whatever your reason is, your philosophy should always be “Rent Big or Go Home!”

Why is it we say that? Today I’m going to share 7 of the best reasons to rent a luxury car. Settle in, because you may be about to surprise yourself:

1. You get to experience cars you otherwise may never own

Let’s face it, no matter how hard we work or how successful we become, there’s a chance we may never truly be able to afford, or perhaps justify, purchasing a brand-new luxury car outright. Renting a luxury car allows you to experience the sensation and thrill of the ride without breaking the bank. Whatever cars you’ve always liked, or even dream of driving, are within your reach thanks to the advent of renting.

2. You get all the fun with none of the upkeep

Let’s say you can get past the sticker price of a new luxury car; it doesn’t end there. Owning a luxury car means sky-high insurance premiums, which may only be valid once you make certain additional security provisions on which the security company insists.

There’s also the upkeep. An expensive car comes with pricey maintenance, especially if you ever have to replace any parts not covered by warranty. Even when things don’t go wrong, the regular 10,000-mile or annual service is also more expensive. Aston Martin, for example, charges around $1,400 for a typical annual service.

Rent the car and you’ll never have to worry about this endless draining on your funds.

3. It takes your driving experience to dizzying new heights

There’s no level of luxury, style and comfort on which a regular car can match a luxury brand. The Fiat 500 will simply never be as sumptuous or decadent as the Audi S5 or Porsche Cayenne. From the lumbar-supported, electrically adjustable seats with massage function, to rear entertainment screens, 4-zone climate control, ambient lighting and more, luxury cars really have it all. They’re something to experience, not simply ‘drive.’

4. Luxury cars are always better for special occasions

Whether it’s for a birthday party, graduation, anniversary or other special occasion, a luxury car is a nice way to set off the mood and make it more memorable. Nobody wants to remember riding to their 40th birthday in a Chevrolet 300, but they’ll always have fond memories of that time you rented a Jaguar F-Type or BMW X5 for that special day.

A party mood needs an atmosphere; a special feeling to let people know that this is no ordinary day of the week. Rent a luxury car and you’ll get that sensation coursing right through you.

5. You have so much choice!

The auto market has never been richer than it is today. Thanks for the growing global economy and increasing demand from emerging markets in China and Southeast Asia, among others, top brands are pumping out fantastic models like there’s no tomorrow. Did you know that Lamborghini has an SUV now? The Urus. Jaguar has also broken into the bigger-car market with the F-Pace. The list goes on. You’re bound to find something perfect to suit your needs.

6. They make the right impression

Sometimes you rent a car to give off the right impression. It could be for arrival at a professional event when you want to impress potential investors or customers, or to welcome guests to your city and give them a really nice passenger experience. From the moment you lay eyes on a luxury-brand car, the positive impression is instant.

When you need to convey a certain high-end image; a projection of success, power, style or that certain je ne sais quoi, then a luxury car is exactly what you need.

7. Renting luxury is more affordable than you think

Buying a luxury model outright may be beyond the short- or long-term budgets of many of us, but it’s well within reach when you rent instead. Rent a luxury car at Renty, for example, and you’ll be amazed at what level you can afford. Don’t forget, also, that for the cost of rent you are gaining all the above benefits like the fantastic experience, great first impression and unforgettable lifelong memories, while also renting a genuinely high-quality car to meet your driving needs.

Rent big or go home!

Make a luxury car your next rental and immediately feel the driving difference and the many benefits. Stay safe on the roads!

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