Stay Safe Online

How to Stay Safe Online

Billions of people use the internet for many purposes. Most people use it to search for information, to catch fun, to get Essay Writing Help, to communicate, and so on. The internet connects billions of internet users together to share information. Unfortunately, it’s not every internet that connects with other users with a pure motive. Some have motives to harm and defraud other internet users. As a user of the internet, you must have the proper knowledge on how to stay safe every time you are online. We truly care about the safety of everyone, so we shall discuss how everyone can stay safe online.

Danger Signs

The ability to identify danger whenever you see one is essential, and that’s why we want you to know some danger signs on the internet. The following are danger signs to watch out for:

  • If someone insists on getting your phone number or your home address
  • If someone sends an email to you and the email contains pictures that make you feel uncomfortable, but you realise that you can’t show anyone else
  • If someone tells you to keep his or her chat as a secret
  • If someone says, you’ll land into trouble if you discuss the things going on with authority.
  • If someone wants you to send pictures of yourself especially in ways that make you feel uncomfortable
  • If someone tells you certain things and instructs you not to disclose it to anyone at all
  • If someone wants to meet you but tells you not to inform anyone

Internet Safety Tips

It’s one thing to identify danger. It’s another thing to stay away from it. To stay away from danger, you must know some safety tips. Here are some safety tips you need to know:

  • Don’t mention your real name to a strange over the internet.
  • If you must meet with anyone from a chatroom, make sure it’s in a public place and go along with one with an older person who can protect you.
  • Don’t give anybody your phone number or home address for any reason.
  • Never send your pictures to strangers over the internet.
  • If you chat with someone and the person asks you to keep the chat as a secret, inform an adult and let the adult advise you on what to do.
  • If anyone threatens you with anything, report to the appropriate authority


Always bear in mind that there’re some dangerous users on the internet. You should neither share a personal file with strangers nor disclose any personal information to them. If you become suspicious of any user, report to appropriate authority immediately. If you abide by everything in this article, you’ll be safe.

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