Making Your Perfume Last Longer

Everything You Need to Know for Making Your Perfume Last Longer

When you wear a perfume, you expect it to last for at least 5-6 hours and nothing else. However, there are times when the fragrance starts depleting within a couple of hours, evaporating to nothing. After spending a good fortune on an expensive fragrance, this is the last thing anyone would want from their beloved scent. the first thing that comes to mind under such a situation is that the perfume is a fake or has poor quality. This can be a case since a lot of sellers provide fake perfumes at the price of the original luxury perfumes brands. However, the way you are wearing perfume and buy a perfume can also affect the longevity and sillage of a fragrance scent significantly. To help you in understanding it better and enhance the life of your perfume after application, we have curated some simple yet effective ways.

Buy the right fragrance

When you visit a store to buy a perfume, you must encounter with certain terms related to the fragrances. Those terms are not there to make the perfume look fancy, giving it a feel of luxury perfume, it has a meaning. These terms define the scent, dropping hints for the buyers allowing them to make a wise decision depending on the information. Instead of feeling clueless when the sales rep defines these terms, it is better to understand them and make a wise choice while buying perfumes.

Perfumes are divided into different categories depending on the concentration of perfume essence in it. Parfum has the highest level of concentration having 20-30% perfume essence. It can last for more than 12 hours. Eau de parfum or EDP comes after this, having 15-20% perfume essence concentration. This one has a lasting effect varying from 8-12 hours. Eau de toilette or EDT has 5-15% perfume concentration levels lasting for about 6-10 hours. Eau de Cologne or EDC has just 2-5% perfume concentration level lasting for 4-6 hours. Eau de Fraiche or EDF has a mere 1-2% perfume concentration level with the lasting power of just 2-4 hours.

Before blaming the longevity of your perfume, check which one is yours. If you want great performance from your fragrance, make sure to look for the adequate concentration levels.

Wear it correctly

The art of wearing perfume can rather make or break your perfume experience. It is not just about spraying the perfume, but how and where you apply it.

  • Apply on Clean skin: Never apply perfume on dirty skin. It will be unable to hold it in for a very long time. Make sure to spray perfume directly after you have taken bath when your skin is clean and your pores are open to receive the perfume molecules. In case you are unable to take a bath, try to clean the skin using wet wipes to remove any sebum or dirt before applying fragrance.
  • Moisturisation is the key: Moisturising your skin is very essential especially if you have dry skin. Dry skin is unable to hold in the perfume for a long time. Give fragrance molecules something to stick on like a moisturiser. Vaseline or any petroleum jelly is one of the best options since they are colourless, moisturising and non-fragrant. People with super oily skin do not have to worry about this.
  • Spray on skin, not on clothes: Some fabrics are not made to hold the perfume, like most of the synthetic or sheer fabrics such as polyester, georgette, chiffon and so on. Moreover, every fabric has a faint scent on it left from detergents, fabric softeners and cupboard fresheners. This faint scent might be very minor but can alter your perfume, changing the way it smells. Pheromones released from your body enhances your perfume, adding a personal touch so it is better to spray on skin, rather than clothes.

Layering is the best

Layering a perfume is another creative way to enhance your fragrance scent or attain the desired scent. A lot of celebrities and perfumers swear by this trick. They love to mix different fragrances, in the right amount obviously to create something unique for their personality. With layering, you create different levels of perfume much like the various level of notes. The one with gentle scent will be released first, followed by the mid-strength and strongest ones. You will have to be safe while picking out the scent for layering since they all need to match with each other. You can choose scents from the same perfume family or same scent to enhance your perfume experience. Layering also improves longevity, making the perfume last for long hours.

Always purchase your unisex perfume or any fragrance from a trusted seller only. This will ensure that you are getting 100% original one and not those fake copies making rounds in the market. Follow the tips and enjoy your perfume for hours.

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