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Survey Finds That Millennials Are The Most Vain Motorists In The UK

According to new survey data, it turns out millennials could be considered the most vain category of motorist in the UK. The survey commissioned by UK car leasing firm All Car Leasing found that just over half of the millennial respondents like to post pictures of their car to their social media profiles and keep their cars looking nice, shiny and clean by washing them at least once every fortnight.

What Do Millennials Drive?

Most of the millennial respondents drive an Audi, which is surprising that the younger generations like to go straight for a premium brand. The data also showed their most popular colour, which was Silver. 68% of the millennial respondents were female, which lines up with the radar graph on the accompanying infographic indicating that women tend to choose their car based on the brand and the way it looks as opposed to male respondents opting for reliability and fuel economy. The five most popular colours were:

  • Silver
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue

So millennials don’t tend to pick a particularly flashy colour, but rather a darker shade which looks more sophisticated and premium.

What Do Millennials Like Most About Their Car?

We reached out to the marketing team behind the survey to learn more about what millennials like – turns out, in spite of their love of posting pictures of their car to social media, the exterior wasn’t their favourite feature of their car – they actually like the interior of their car the most. In order, here’s what the five most popular choices of the multiple-choice question were:

  • The Interior – the way it’s designed/materials used (61.6%).
  • The Exterior – the way it looks (56.8%).
  • The Fuel Economy (45.6%).
  • The Acceleration (34.4%).
  • The Handling (33.6%).

Do Millennials Customize Their Car?

Generally speaking, only a small portion of motorists will end up making modifications to their car due to a large amount of cars on finance in the country, which contractually restricts customers from making modifications to their car without specific consent from the finance company, so it came as no surprise to learn that the majority of millennials haven’t customised their car – 60.8% of the 130 millennial respondents said that they haven’t made modifications to their car, which leaves a remaining 39.2% that said they had, which is the largest segment in terms of age to have said yes to this question. In order, the five most common modifications were:

  • Tinted Windows
  • Sound-system
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Alloy Wheels
  • LED Lights

It’s surprising to see that none of the major performance modifications appear in the results, like exhaust systems or engine re-maps – typically people who modify cars never like to just do one or two mods, they go the whole nine yards and tune their car to greater heights like in the Fast and the Furious movies.

So If Millennials Are The Most Vain, Who Is The Least?

The answer is what you’d expect really – the survey found that those aged 45 and above don’t like to show off their car remotely nearly as much as millennials do; nor do they drive models from premium manufacturers like Audi, instead – Ford was the most popular manufacturer. Where the two age groups don’t differ though is on the colour of their car, Silver was also the most popular colour for the older survey respondents.

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