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Must Watch Thriller Movies

There’s few things in life as exhilarating as watching a brilliantly made thriller movie. The kind that have more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, and keep you on the edge of your seat until well after the credits roll. Thrillers have been in vogue at movie theater’s seemingly since the dawn of film, and they continue to be incredibly popular today. There’s been some absolute classics throughout the years, but it can sometimes be hard narrowing down which ones to choose with so many offerings out there.

Well, that’s why we’re here to recommend some must watch thriller movies for you to experience. With so many streaming services out there it should be no trouble finding a place to watch them, though if you’re struggling there are ways to unblock Netflix with VPN’s to better find them. So, load up on popcorn and strap yourself in tight, for a massive thrilling movie night.

Uncut Gems

This might be the most anxiety inducing movie of all-time. Uncut Gems was released in 2019, and was the second film crafted by the extremely talented Safdie brothers, who both wrote and directed the intoxicatingly paced flick. It stars Adam Sandler, in one of his rare roles where he both actually attempts to be a good actor, and also has good enough writing and directing to let him shine.

Sandler expertly plays a jewel shop owner and diamond dealer who seems to be in debt to most of the people in New York who you really don’t ever want to be in debt to. He manages to get his hands on a ludicrously rare black opal, which he sees as the solution to all of his money problems, but instead, of course, it brings him a whole bunch of new ones.

The film hurtles along at a rapid speed, paired perfectly by a soundtrack composed by Daniel Lopatin, that masterfully seems to be continuously turning the screw, always slightly ramping up the pressure seen on screen. One of the most riveting scenes is when a character needs to win some money in a casino, which were all filmed at the real-life casino hotel Mohegan Sun.

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‘What’s in the box? What’s in the box?’ These are the famous words screamed by Brad Pitt at the end of director David Fincher’s creep-tastic Se7en, and what a gripping journey it is getting there. The movie was released in 1995 and was Fincher’s first foray into thrillers. He excelled at the execution so well that he went on to become a master of the genre, and in fact we could’ve chosen a number from his filmography for this list. Se7ven ultimately makes the cut though, just because it might be the most grimly brilliant example of Fincher at his terrifying best.

The film is about two cops, played superbly by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, as they get caught up in the hunt for a serial killer who appears hell-bent on reminding people of the seven deadly sins. Freeman and Pitt have great chemistry together, and do a great turn as the sage detective who’s days away from retirement, being paired with the cocky upstart, who believes he knows it all.

It’s not just those two that shine though, as Gywneth Paltrow also puts in one of her career best performances, as Pitt’s wife. One of the most moving scenes in the movie is when the three of them have dinner together, and you just get to witness the incredible chemistry between all of them. Of course, it’s not what the thrill ride is best remembered for, but we wouldn’t dream of spoiling any of the hauntingly good surprises.

Rear Window

If there’s one director whose name will be forever linked with thrills and suspense, it is of course, Alfred Hitchcock. One of the English directors most cherished quotes is that he liked to ‘always make the audience suffer as much as possible’, and he definitely excelled at doing that. Rear Window was released way back in 1954, and whilst it might appear slightly quaint compared to the other two films on this list, it is a tour de force in suspenseful storytelling.

The film stars James Stewart as a photographer who is taking time off work to nurse his broken leg back to health. This leaves him stuck inside over a sweltering New York summer, with not much to entertain him except a telescope that looks directly into his neighbours’ properties. So, he quickly descends into becoming obsessed with peeping into everyone’s business. Let’s just say that after some time, he doesn’t like what he sees happening out there, but he can’t be sure if it’s his mind just playing tricks on him.

The movie also features Grace Kelly as the girlfriend who drops by to try and keep Stewart connected to the real world, and she is dripping with charisma every time she is on the screen. Though the real star of the show is the incredible set where the story takes place, it’s a wonderful recreation of a cluster of New York apartments.

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