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Top Network Security Threats Of 2020

Start your new year by utilizing all the countermeasures that will keep hackers at a long distance and cyber-attacks far away from your business.

One cannot predict when new cyber threats can emerge. However, we have made a list of top cyber security threats that we expect in 2020.

1. Drive-by download

In the past, you have right by which you cannot refuse to download from the source you didn’t trust. But now, it is not that easy. The attack drive-by download will make malicious code to get downloaded from any internet website either through an app or browser without the user’s approval. These websites are designed in a way that they look real but they are the host for various kinds of malevolent codes. These codes have the power to get into your system by crossing all the security.

2. Computer Worms and Viruses

These are the programs that too malicious one that can infect your system completely and destroy the system data. These also have the power to make your network inoperable. Worms are those programs that can inject your documents, spreadsheets or any other files. However, viruses will attach with the host file or system, but they will be dormant until times are activated.  Once these malicious programs enter your system, they will replicate itself and then eventually all of your networks will get infected.

3. Phishing Attacks

This is a type of social engineering attack which is specially designed to steal the login credential be it of emails, credit cards or any other financial information application.If you reply to their emails or messages or if you even enter your financial details, it will directly reach the malicious sources.

4. DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service)

A DDOS attack is one of the most common cyber-attacks that is used for attacking businesses. This attack is targeted towards host servers and then your server becomes completely inoperable. Be it a server or cloud both can suffer significant damage because of DDOS attacks. Moreover, if you are selling your products online then after this attack you can even lose millions of dollars in a single day.

5. Botnets

If you want to plan a cyber-attack of a massive level, then botnet can be used. They are a powerful network that can be controlled remotely to launch the attack by command & control network. The botnets are so powerful that they can be used to launch the cyber-attacks even in your secure system or network and they have the power to crash site completely.

6. Exploit Kits

Hackers are finding new ways to exploit the data of users. This is a kit can be used in any stage to exploit user’s data either during starting a scan or while they have landed on any website. Hacker usually purchases these kits from the dark web. You can ever say that the exploit kit is all in one tool that is known for managing all the exploits together.

7. Ransomware

This cyber threat is one such threat that can make you lose partial or complete data of your business. It is a dangerous malware that can infect the database, corrupt the files or even can delete the file.People may use this malware totakehefty ransom from companies by blackmailing themby attacking their server or infect their system using this stubborn malware.

8. APT Threats

It is a form of attack where an uncertified code will enter your system and will stay there undetected for a longer time. They are silent types of cyber-attack where code will silently steal financial data from your system as well as other critical information. APT takes help from other forms of cyber security threats to get the initial access it can be your login credentials or PIN. Once APT get into your system then it will infect your data and network.

If you have knowledge about various cyber security attacks then only you can improve the security system of your business. However, the work of hackers and IT professionals are like a cat and mouse game that has no end. Moreover, you have to always make sure to win this game either by hook or by the crook. If you want to learn some tricks by which you can avoid all types of cyber threats then join the course of cyber security certification online. You have to make yourself ready for the battle with the cyber threat so that you and your business does not have to suffer.

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