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The academic writing starts from the schools. As time passes, the levels of academic writing advance. When you come in professional life, you will see the use of both, academic and content, writing. The academic writing is used in the offices, institutes and content writing is used in freelancing and blogging. Both have their own importance.

What is Academic Writing?

It is the type of writing which is more formal and includes intellectuals. The other sort of writing is content writing. Content writing is a freestyle writing that is written is an interesting way to grab the attention of the audience. A paraphrase tool can help you in both of these types. Academic writing includes the following features:

  • Third-person write up
  • Formal writing
  • Knowledge
  • Proper research

 The academic writing includes writing in the schools, higher schools, writing by the authors for publishing. The books and journals contain stuff written in academic writing.

Types of Academic Writing

Academic writing is further divided into 4 main categories. A paraphrase tool can help you in the first category. For the other 3 categories, you have to be intelligent enough and use tricks to use the paraphrasing tool. These four categories are:

  1. Descriptive academic writing – it is the simplest sort of writing. In this, you just write the information, facts or summarize.
  2. Analytical academic writing – it is the higher level or next level of writing. This writing style includes comparison, analysis, and examination.
  3. Persuasive academic writing – if you say in simple words, it is analytical academic writing plus your own point of view. The arguments, recommendations, conclusions come under this category. The evidence is required to mention in the arguments.
  4. Critical academic writing – this sort of writing includes the critique, evaluation, and debate. It is done critically so it requires intellectual plus one’s own opinion. It needs strong writing skills to write critically.

All these types of academic writing are mentioned in a progressive and ascending sequence.

Dupli Checker Paraphrasing tool

Dupli checker is a well-reputed and trustworthy site that offers multiple tools that have a great impact on the scoring and ranking of the website. These tools like a content spinner or rewriter tool are free to use for everyone. The major tools of this site that are widely used are plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and best paraphrasing tool or paraphrase tool. Other than these, there are a lot of search engine optimization tools.

If you go for its paraphrasing tool, you will find rewrite with duplichecker free of spelling and grammatical errors because of its built-in spelling checker and grammar checker. These tools and features eventually increase the quality and readability of the content. There are blogs present on the site to provide the basic guidelines about the plagiarism, plagiarism checker, and more. Rewrite with Dupli checker is quite convenient to use.


SmallSEOtools is a top class website offering a bundle of tools that facilitate the user in getting search engine optimization for his or her website. The paraphrase tool of this website provides a large limit of words that is 2000. It supports multiple languages so that the population of the other languages than English can use these tools.


Prepostseo is another good alternative to use search engine optimization tools. One of its tools is the paraphrase tool that accepts the files of various formats in order to save your time and effort. All of the tools of this website are 100 % free to access and use. These tools are safe for search engine optimization and also care for the user’s privacy.

Benefits of the Paraphrase Tool

There are lots of tools that websites offer to enhance the content’s quality. These tools help in making the content optimized for achieving search engine optimization. A paraphrase tool is a digital tool that is meant to provide you with the following basic benefits:

  • You just need internet access to use the tool
  • It saves time, effort and money
  • The content provided would be free of any sort of plagiarism
  • The content is grammatically correct and has used the right synonyms
  • The content is 100 % unique.
  • This tool can be used for academic and content writing as well.

Role of paraphrase tool in search engine optimization

The paraphrase tool is considered as the helper tool in getting search engine optimization. The paraphrase tool is meant to rewrite an existing article or document in minimum time. The paraphrase tool not just changes a few words and phrases but it adds up the right synonyms at the right place and high vocab. In addition to it, the paraphrase tool makes the content clear of the basic mistakes like grammar, spelling.

All these features of the paraphrase tool make the content optimized and high in quality. The website that presents the optimized content is making its way towards search engine optimization. Google appreciates and accepts the optimized content openly and provide a higher rank to that website.

Derek time

If you are a good writer and want to publish your writing, then you have reached the right spot. Derek is the platform that accepts the guest’s posts of a large number of topics like gaming, finance, auto, family, apps, technology, business, entertainment, entrepreneurship, parenting, food, web development, books, arts, web design, lifestyle, movies, drinks, security, networking, insurance, law, startup, fashion, mobile, sports and much more.

There is a specific criterion for the guest post or the content to be accepted in the Derek time. The content must have 4 to 5 subheadings with a total word count of 900 plus characters. The content must be unique. The content must be submitted in the Word format or google docs format.


Be a smart worker, and use digital tools like paraphrase tools for writing. This tool will spare your time and money that you can use in more productive work. Today’s life is so busy and scheduled. Make the best use of the digital tools and make your life easier and more comfortable.

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