5 Life Saver Tips for Choosing the Right eLearning Authoring Tool

The role that authoring tools play in the creation of an eLearning course is vital. For all the content management chores, for designing and setting up the content, for defining a layout and for choosing how you want the course to look, you need an eLearning authoring tool.

But then, can any random authoring tool in the world work for you?

With a large number of eLearning authoring tools available in the market, choosing the right one may become difficult. Which is why here we are sharing 5 of the most useful tips for choosing the right eLearning authoring tool depending on your needs.

1. It Should Be Easy To Use

As you will be using this authoring tool for a number of the task while creating your eLearning course, the tool must have an interface that you find easy to use. Anything too complex or too flooded with unnecessary features will pull down its usability quotient.

In the end, it’ll just add to your problems. Your best bet before making a purchase will be making sure that it’s easy to use.

For the same, you can ask the providers for a demo video. Plus, you can also look over the web for reviews. Forums and conversations that go on in them can also be really helpful while judging the usability of the authoring tool.

2. Scalable

The next thing you must keep in mind before buying an eLearning authoring tool is that it’s scalable.

As you are working hard on your business and keeping it going and growing regularly, there will come a time when you’ll have to scale your business and its resources. At that time, a scalable authoring tool will save the day for you.

This is one of the most important features to look for in an authoring tool. The best eLearning authoring apps are always scalable.

3. Mobile Learning Friendly

As mobile access for various websites, apps and services is becoming essential for surviving in an industry it’s important for your eLearning authoring tool to develop content that’s mobile-friendly.

This is one feature that you can find out about on the provider’s website as well.

4. Good Customer Support and Service

eLearning authoring tools, learning management systems and similar software require the right knowledge for proper functionality. And then, as all authoring tools and LMSs vary with their features and usability, you as a course creator may have trouble working every time you switch to a new tool.

In situations like these, you may want to seek help and support from the customer support team of your authoring tool vendor.

Now, if this team doesn’t handle its customer service and support tasks responsibly, you will have to have a tough time dealing with them. This can result in wasted time and efforts.

Best will be to run a trustability scan through the vendor’s website looking for reviews and feedbacks. Also, don’t forget to go through forums and review websites before purchasing an eLearning authoring tool. This will let you know about what the current and previous users of the particular tool have to speak about it.

5. Fast Publishing and Maintenance Ready

As you will be using this authoring tool for all your content management needs, it should be a tool that publishes content quickly and lets you maintain it easily.

If the publishing and maintenance processes involved are tiring or time-consuming, working with this authoring tool will definitely become a headache for you and your team.

Final words

Choosing the right authoring tool is very important for anybody who’s going to create an eLearning course. And as making the right choice may trouble some of us, we shared 5 useful tips that make the selection easy.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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