How to Prepare Your Truck for Off-Roading

There is no going back once you become an adventurer. One of the best adventures is off-roading. It might seem like just driving in difficult places, but it’s much more than just that. You get its thrill only when you do it yourself.

It’s a great activity for adventurous people and it’s not as dangerous. If you are planning to go on an off-roading trip, make sure you follow these tips to prepare your truck for the rough treatment.

Install LED Light Bar

You won’t have street lights where you are going. That’s why you have to install extra lights. Your truck headlights might be strong, but they are not enough. You have to keep a careful eye on the road and watch out for every little hole and stone.

One little mistake and you will be stuck somewhere. The truck could also flip over if driven on the wrong thing. It is suggested that you buy LED light bar at VIC OFFROAD and install them on your truck before you leave.

Get Skid Plates for Underside

The lower part of the truck has some important places. You can’t have it damaged or you won’t be able to continue on your adventure. Off-roading doesn’t exactly go as you might plan it. Any stone could slip from under the tire and hit the underside.

It would be wise to get skid plates for your truck for extra protection. You won’t have to worry about what hit the car from below and if it will have done any damage. You will have peace of mind and your truck will stay safe.

Check Ground Clearance

You should know where you are going and you should know the ground clearance of your truck. Ground clearance means how high your vehicle is from the road. Off-roading requires high ground clearance because you won’t be driving on flat surfaces.

You should do a little research about your way and think about how wild you are planning to go. If you feel the ground clearance is not enough, either change the truck or your plans.

Invest in a Four-Wheel-Drive System

This is a little expensive, but you should consider getting it if you are planning to do off-roading again. A four-wheel-drive system will give you control of all four tires of the truck. If you don’t know, you normally have control only over two of them.

The drive can and will get stuck in the mud and other holes. If the two tires of the back get stuck, it will become very difficult to get out. You can make that struggle a lot easier by installing 4WD. If the front wheels are stuck, the two in the back will help and vice versa. Besides, pulling from all four tires will make it easy to get out of any tough situation without wasting time.

Slightly Lower the Tire Pressure

You don’t need tires with full air pressure when going off-roading. These roads are different from the highway roads. You would want the maximum portion of the tire rubber to touch the ground for better traction.

This is why you should lower the tire pressure before leaving or entering the adventurous zone. You should know how much air to release. If you pull under too much pressure, it will become difficult to drive. Consider consulting a professional before you do this yourself.

Ensure the Engine is Healthy

The most important part of any vehicle is its engine. So, without any doubt, you should always check the health of your engine before leaving for off-roading. Make sure it’s in optimal shape and won’t have any trouble during your adventures.

You might be able to deal with all sorts of problems, but the engine is a different thing. It’s really complex and you have to be a professional mechanic to understand it. This is why you have to ensure its performance before you leave with the help of a professional. It might not be able to pull its own weight on cliffs if it’s too weak.

Understand Truck’s Limitations

Your enthusiasm is not enough to pull off this adventure. You should have high spirits but make sure your truck can match it. Test your truck and see what it can and what it can’t do. If you don’t do it before you leave, you will have to do it when you are stuck in a tough spot.

If the truck fails in that place, you will have a lot of trouble. You might be getting a new and healthy truck but you should drive it yourself for some time and be very critical of its performance. If you don’t think it can handle what you need it to do, look for another truck or choose an easier road.

Consider Getting New Tires

Tires are most important when off-roading. If they are not strong, you won’t be able to enjoy your trip. All the off-roading depends on the grip of the tires. If it’s even a little slippery, you can’t rely on the truck to take you anywhere.

Worn-out tires are not safe even for normal roads, they could be very dangerous for off-roading. You should consider getting a fresh pair of tires even if the current tires are healthy. Fresh pair will improve your experience and make you want to do it again. Your current tires won’t go to waste if you buy new ones. You can change them later when you get back for normal use.

Pack Extra Emergency Supplies

You should prepare for the worst when going on an adventure. It might sound like taking extra weight with you, but it’s wise and all professionals do it. You should pack extra things like fuel, water, an air compressor, tires, and some basic tools to help you fix the truck.

You will buy them once and they will come to use every time you go off-roading. Tools will also help you when you are not on adventures. Think about where you are going and pack for the worst-case scenario. You should also learn some basic skills like changing the tire and identify basic engine problems. If something goes wrong, you should at least know what the problem is so you can come up with a solution if possible.

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